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  • Tehachapi Unified School District

    Any word on fueling in the Tehachapi area? It appears from the map that the unified school district is closed. Is that still true?

    It appears from the comments that the California City station requires some special form of payment. Is that still true?

    I'm coming in from Utah and have only major credit cards. Suggestions for visiting Tehachapi?

    Robert '07 GX

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    lost an important site

    Yes the bad news is that the school district cant afford to fix it I stopped there yesterday in need of fuel because of pressure problems at Bakersfield and found out that they been down for 2 years I hope that this message can be sent to all members


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      Re: lost an important site

      FYI... My company recently completed a major refurbishment of the Tehachapi School district CNG station. One compressor was completely overhauled, and the other compressor received a brand new complete block. We also upgraded the fast fill dispenser and installed new hose and fittings. This station should be operational again by the end of this week!


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        Re: lost an important site

        UPDATE- The fast fill dispenser at Tehachapi is now operational for cash sales only. One compressor has been completely overhauled and the other has a brand new block. The fast fill has a new hose and breakaway, and I tested it yesterday.

        NOTE: Please understand that this station is not a "true" fast fill. The site has only one, 20 ft storage cylinder and so it can't really do much more than give you a quick 5-10 GGE so don't come here expecting to fill up full. The operators are looking into adding more storage and when that happens I will post here.


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          Re: lost an important site

          8-30-13 Today I performed some routine maintenance at the Tehachapi station. Good news: The machines are running strong and the fast fill dispenser is operational. Bad news: They still have not fixed the card reader so you can only do a cash sale during business hours. Also the station still only has one storage cylinder so unless you drive a civic you probably won't get a "full" fill.


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            Michael Bates for NGTNews Dec 23, 2019 Trillium Completes Two CNG Stations at Love’s Sites

            Trillium is adding two new public CNG stations at 21948 Highway 46 Lost Hills CA and 2000 East Tehachapi Blvd Tehachapi CA. Slated to open in the first quarter of 2020, these two new stations will add to the network of more than 30 private and public Trillium locations located in California.

            “We are excited to expand our network and bring access to RNG fueling to our many fleet customers operating in California’s Central Valley,” says JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Trillium.

            Gemini Motor Transport, the primary fuel carrier for Love’s Travel Stops, will be fueling its growing CNG fleet of tractor trailers with RNG from the two new locations, as well as an existing station in Tulare.



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              ACTNews 10 Sept 2021 - Gemini Motor Transport – Delivering and Using Diverse Fuel Solutions for Love’s

              Gemini Motor Transport has been the primary fuel hauler and carrier for Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores since 2001 utilizing a network of 950 trucks.

              Gemini began deploying natural gas vehicles in the mid-2010s and has plans to increase the number of NGVs in its fleet to take advantage of Love’s expanding CNG network, especially in California. Gemini’s natural gas fleet displaces over 1 million diesel gallon equivalent annually. Gemini began fueling its natural gas fleet with RNG in 2019 and is working with Trillium, a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, to grow its RNG fuel portfolio.