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  • Hello From Tucson

    I purchased my 2009 GX on April 2 and learned yesterday that Fuel Maker has gone bankrupt. Really bad news since they had my money for the Phill.

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    Re: Hello From Tucson

    Hey Sparty,
    Welcome Aboard! Good to see more people from the Old Pueblo on the chat and that someone bought a GX from Chapman Honda (I assume).
    Sorry to hear your money went down with the FM boat anchor.
    Hopefully you're close enough to the new CE station to get fuel when it opens (should be late April or early May, they're waiting on TEP for power). I and many others are looking forward to not having to drive to the airport any more.
    I'll be contracting with CE to keep both stations up and running, with out the wait time for a technician to come down from Phoenix.
    I am also working on getting a new emergency fueling rig on the road (my old service van may need to much work to be worth the effort).

    Again, Welcome!
    Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator


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      Re: Hello From Tucson

      Lost my cell phone and been trying to find your number. Up here in Phoenix and need to find a PRD for my 2003 Ford F150 Bi-fuel. Any idea where I can get one and is this the correct terminology for this thing?
      Doutg Whitfield


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        Re: Hello From Tucson

        Sent you a PM with my phone#. Probably have what you are looking for. Call me.
        Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator