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  • Spare parts source

    Does anyone know were to find parts for a GFI CNG system?
    Ive managed to get my GFI unit to work again but the regulator is giving me probs.
    Shuts off after the engine warms up. Took it apart and cleaned it and still does the same thing......I wonder if I turn up the pressure if it will work better?
    There's got to be someone who knows or owns one of these who I can network with.
    My van is a retired city of phx utility truck...I know there were many of these units on the road 10 years ago....were did they all go?
    I did the junk yard thing last week and could not find ONE cng vehicle of any sort!

    Kinda weird?

    any and all replys will be GREATLY appreciated.

    Alan in Mesa

    [email protected]

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    Re: Spare parts source

    Alan - Is this a dedicated CNG Dodge?


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      Re: Spare parts source

      Its a 95 E-150
      I found a new GFI system and installes it.
      Now I need someone to talk to about having it programed or calibrated.


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        Re: Spare parts source

        Warning to anyone in the phx valley who bought the GFI NOS system someone has been selling!

        THEY ARE pretty mutch UNUSEABLE as the manufacturer GFI TELEFLEX refuses to support it and no-one in the valley is able or willing to!

        IF you DO have one and have figured out how to calibrate it