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  • c.n.gas

    were can I get cng in phoenix,AZ, 85021 for my car. thank you John

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    Re: c.n.gas

    Hi John, and welcome to CNGchat!

    There are a number of public stations in the Phoenix area and one in Tuscon too. Download the CA NGV Coalition 2007 Refueling Guide from this web site by clicking on the Downloads link above, then Refueling Directories. Arizona begins on page 54.

    The US Dept. of Energy also keeps a directory, but the data can be kind of old... best to call ahead to the station before heading there to ensure it is open to the public, and if any special gas card is required:


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      Re: c.n.gas

      Tempe - Kyrene and Baseline Southwest gasoline building
      Scottsdale at Scottsdale PD
      35th ave a T-Bird Washington School District
      APS downtown not sure if they are still open though
      Also downtown is the Phoeni Fleet CE station by the downtown cemetary
      3 at the airport all CE two on the west side and one on the east.

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        Re: c.n.gas


        Unfortunately, after owning my CNG car a couple of years, I have wasted lots of time with that CNG locator. Most of the sites don't even exist, or no longer offer public service. I've never used the ones at the airport, since they're too far out of my way. Anyway, here is my experience with the other 3 public pumps that I know of:

        The two on the East side of town are run by Trillium and are out-of-order about 40% of the time. I'm constantly forced to attempt refuling before hitting half-pressure because of their proven unreliability. My commute consists of a round trip of 80 miles, so I need to fill up a couple of times each week.

        The only pump on the West side of Phoenix is run by the school district. It's the most reliable of the bunch, and cheapest. Unfortunately, I live and work on the East side, so I'll probably never use it again. It was great when my commute used the I-17.

        I'm so irritated at the lack of infrastructure (especially, reliable infrustructure) in Arizona that I'm researching the option of potentially starting some stations of my own. I need to research the profitabliity potential to make it worthwhile, so any information anyone can share about what is involved in a fueling station business would be appreciated!



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          Re: c.n.gas

          Derek -

          Sorry you're having such bad luck in your area. Those kinds of problems are exactly why I started (This link should go right to your area.) I encourage you to go there and update it with the comments that you have. You can click on each of the stations in your area (I show six stations in your area) and leave comments on them so others don't have to feel your pain.

          Unlike the government site locator, I do try to keep the site updated with all the information that I can, and I can only do that when people like you are kind enough to update it!

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            Re: c.n.gas

            Yep, Todd's CNGprices web tool rocks