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    Re: idaho cng station

    remind him of the excise tax rebate. even if it never collected. if he could fuel a few INL buses each day. it might help out with the bottom line. On the down side I am not sure if they still have CNG buses . I know they still have some LNG buses. certainly a few cars and pick-ups are CNG.

    The problem is always getting the critical mass because once the stations is in and the price remains low then many will convert. The problem they had before was the price was almost the same as gasoline so why convert.


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      Re: idaho cng station

      Hi Rooster :

      On December 1, 2009, I received an Email from Clean Energy Fuels that stated the following :

      Allied Waste Services -- Idaho
      Boise-based Allied Waste Services, a Republic Services company, has opened the first CNG fuel station with public access in Idaho. Allied Waste will use the new station to fuel its growing fleet of CNG refuse trucks. Allied contracts with the City of Boise to provide all solid waste and recycling services for the Greater Boise area. The new CNG station, designed and built for Allied Waste by Clean Energy, will open for public access early in 2010, making it possible for individuals, fleet operators and local governments to switch to CNG fuel.

      The new Florida, New Jersey, and Idaho CNG fuel stations mark Clean Energy's entry into these markets.

      It would be good to confirm this Site, and then get this Boise CNG Filling site on to

      Stu Man

      Originally posted by rooster View Post
      I herd southern idaho might get public station soon,people working with
      idaho puc ,,what do you all think


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        Re: idaho cng station

        That's exciting. I get so many people asking if they can fill up on CNG in Idaho. Hopefully it is a successful station and more will open up in Idaho. At least it gives Utah drivers an option to fill up on CNG when they go to Boise.


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          Just some information for anyone looking to make the trip from Utah to Boise on CNG:
          After hearing that Tremonton's station is closed I filled up at the Flying J near Brigham City (1674 W 1100 S, Brigham City, UT, 84302). The 2 cng pumps there are near the semi pumps. The weather was around 50 degrees and it filled to 3397 psi. That had me a little nervous.
          I drove fairly conservatively in my 2012 Civic Natural Gas. I had Eco mode on and avoided gunning it up hills. However I stayed near the speed limit which is often 80 mph. Towards the end of the trip I began realizing my Miles Remaining were consistently below what I needed. It got rainy with poor visibility at night, so I just followed a pickup that was going a steady 60 mph the last hour. When my Miles Remaining finally got down to 0 I still had 30 miles left. I continued but kept a constant eye on places to pull over. I finally made it to the closer Boise cng station (11101 W Executive Dr., Boise, ID). I had averaged 38 mpg over the 288 miles. My car took 7.32 gallons of cng at $2.089 each, filling to 3630 psi.
          A few days later I filled up at the same station before heading back to Utah, which filled to 3460 psi. I made what proved to be a critical mistake by taking a 6 mile round trip detour off the highway to say goodbye to family. I drove similarly but seemed to struggle to get above 35 mpg, perhaps due to wind. This time my Miles Remaining hit zero with 40 miles to the Brigham City station. With 6 miles to go my gas pedal went unresponsive. The car seemed otherwise normal (radio, heat, lights, etc.) I coasted a couple minutes on the shoulder till stopping.
          I ended up ordering a tow truck through my Geico app, then getting taken to the gas pumps. (7.53 gallons at 3616 psi)
          I suspect during the summer when many pumps tend to fill to closer to 4000 psi it may be less tight a trip.


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            Interstate 84 from Portland Oregon to Salt Lake City, to date, has failed to provide CNG for trucking (which is how cars are finding fuel available these days.) The good news is that the high-flow Trillium station in Vancouver WA that was completed in 2016. Bad news is that the Stanfield Oregon PILOT never had the CNG hoses installed at the CLEAN ENERGY LCNG station. Intermountain Gas built a new headquarters on Alan Dr in Jerome ID (Twin Falls) with a CNG station that was put behind a locked gate for their own use. Having both would allow the trip to be made at the full speed limit and allow the use of air conditioning.

            Your success in driving the Brigham City to Boise route (one-way) will give others the confidence to drive it. Tires pumped up; limit speed to 60-65; 2500 rpm on grades; avoid headwinds and travel light - should prevent needing a tow. You are an inspiration - thanks for the trip writeup.