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I-15 through Idaho needs CNG

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  • I-15 through Idaho needs CNG

    Has anyone heard rumors on CNG in Pocatello or Idaho Falls anytime soon? I'd love to be able to drive my dedicated CNG truck from Utah to Rigby, ID to pick up something I just purchased, but I only have a 220 mile range when the truck is empty, so I'd definitely run out of CNG before I could get back to Tremonton, UT to fill up again.

    As it is, I'll have to rent a truck from Enterprise (at $150/day) simply because I can't tank up north of Tremonton anywhere.

    I usually love driving a dedicated CNG truck, but this is definitely the down-side.
    Orem, UT
    2003 Ford F-150 7700 Dedicated
    2003 Chevrolet Express G3500 Bi-fuel

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    Re: I-15 through Idaho needs CNG

    Can't help on the locations of stations.

    I had my truck converted and a 9.2 gge tank that would take me across the state with a 155 mile range but I had to drive back on gasoline. Being unhappy with that scenario I added a 2nd 9.2 gge tank on a rack above the original. It is a heavy duty rack and a custom powder coated cover. (I was once a welder so it was material costs for me, the sheet metal guy and the powder coater guy) It blocks the rear window but I have driven service vans and such for so many years it doesn't bother me at all and it saves bed space. Now I have a 300 mile range on CNG and stations popping up all over the place in our area so there is little need for the extra range but I like it a lot.