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CNG vehicles and fueling in Southern Oregon

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  • CNG vehicles and fueling in Southern Oregon

    CNG vehicles and fueling in Southern Oregon
    Southern Oregon is gaining a reputation as Oregon's CNG leader. The region's transit district has been powering about half of its fleet with CNG since 1995.

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    Footage taken at Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition conf June 27, 2012 in White City

    The green GX in the video is the same car I borrowed from my twin brother to drive from Las Vegas to Denver last August. The GX was used to see how much fuel a 5-speed was likely to use on the GreenAcrossAmerica trip two months later. As fate would have it, I didn't have a CleanEnergy card to use in Denver and had to get CNG 30 miles north in Firestone at a station that accepted bank cards. Gary ended up using the same work-around on the way back after his CleanEnergy card was "over-limit" after an $11 purchase Eastbound. Since the end of that trip, there are now three more "bank card" new CNG stations in Denver!

    The license plate of the green GX comes briefly at the end. This car was purchased with an FMQ-36 (required if you're going to fuel in Oregon) from the city engineer of St. Helens who was moving to Hawaii. His home, car, everything were immaculate, hence, the "bra" on the car!

    Good video find, Curtis!