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  • New Oklahoman here

    Hello all, I'm Michael, live in Tulsa. Not particularly knowledgeble automotively. I have in mind to buy a brand new pickup, (not particular about much, I now have a compact one) & convert it. & keep it a long time. I drive maybe 10k per yr. I've been told this wouldn't be much of a money saver unless perhaps done quite long term.
    When one gets tax credits, is that cash issued to you after you file your return the year after you do the conversion? How much would those be in total in Okla.? How can I find the history of the price of fuel & any prediction of future pricing? Is this something that, as the price of gasoline continues to be so much more than in the past & possibly go even higher, more & more people will begin to switch to, & therefore, cause the price of cng to increase?
    Any info. about anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: New Oklahoman here

    Welcome to CNGchat, Mikey!

    In most situations, tax credits (state and federal) give you the benefit against income taxes owed -- so you reap them when you file your taxes for the year in which the conversion took place (or the year you bought the new OEM vehicle in the case of the Civic GX).

    I know that Oklahoma has very generous tax credits for alternative fuels.

    For practical real-world advice, I am going to move your post over to the Oklahoma forum for the experts to chime in on over there.

    As for CNG prices and trends, there is a good discussion here:

    John Mitton


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      Re: New Oklahoman here

      I am a cng driver for 2 years from stroud ok...maybe this oklahoma link will is where i got the the forms to file my taxes for cng vehicle credit:


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        Re: New Oklahoman here

        appreciate the info fellas. 200 mil drivers plus in this country & a tiny fraction of one percent is pursuing this. I don't get it.


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          Re: New Oklahoman here

          Great to hear about another Oklahoma cng user . . welcome Grapeape / Mikey.

          Even with terrific $0.91 per gge, it's rare when I fill up at OK cng public sites to see other vehicles . . . all those other petrol drivers are missing out!!

          See terrific website of for statistics on worldwide use of cng vehicles. USA has paltry 147,000 cng vehicles according the stats page at:
          Click on "listed alphabetically" as it shows 8 years of data by country. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Pakistan, & India are worldwide leaders in cng - - three countries at or over 1.5M cng vehicles!! Also note recent huge increase for Iran as dictator has forced cng implementation by putting rations on normal gasoline, even though petrol gasoline is only around 40 cents a gallon!! Pretty smart for dictator to force Iran citizens to use cng (massive cng supply in Iran), while selling $105/bbl crude oil to USA and China!!

          Also, I highly recommend the website also for IANGV at:

          It lists new activity for NGV's all across the world, especially terrific new dedicated and bi-fuel autos that are being introduced in other countries . . but NOT the USA. Thus, STAY INFORMED and voice your complaints to US auto dealers, President/Governors/state and local elected officials, EPA (longshot here as overrun with Big Oil), state public utility boards, etc. I highly recommend to sign up for EMAIL service as well.

          Go CNG !! Cleanest fuel on the planet (except for wind and solar).