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    SoCal Gas to build an 1.4 mile pipeline to connect the digester at 1706 Goetz Rd Perris CA to the CR&R refuse truck yard where a 900 truck fleet fuels with CNG. It is expected to be operational in June 2017. CR&R s new anaerobic digester at Perris, supplied by Eisenmann USA and Greenlane Biogas and constructed by W.M. Lyles, will use source-separated organic waste collected in cities green collection carts to produced carbon-neutral renewable methane. The CR&R Perris digestion facility is believed to be the largest in the world.

    SoCal Gas estimates that California could produce 300B cuft of RNG annually just from organic waste - enough to replace 75 per cent of all the diesel fuel used in California.

    (Attached photos are of the Sacramento BioDigester at 8550 Fruitridge Rd Sacramento CA from which WEX, VOYAGER, commercial card holders can fuel with RNG)

    RNG_refuel_o.jpg RNG_refuel_m.jpg RNG_refuel_w.jpg RNG_refuel_e.jpg


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      July 29, 2017 San Diego Union Tribune - The anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, CA, which began operating about ten months ago, is currently in stage two of four phases of build-out. Each of the four phases of the CR&R digester consists of building a single Eisenmann USA digester with the capacity to process 83,600 tons of organic waste per year.

      When all four phases are complete, the digester will have the capacity to process 335,000 tons of waste per year and convert it to 260,000 tons of fertilizer and 4 million gallons of renewable natural gas. Phase two should be up in about 60 days. $105 million is the estimated total cost of the facility.


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        ACT News Interview with Ed Vogel, VP, Seneca Landfill, Jackson Township, PA October 2, 2018 - Seneca Landfill become the first company in Pennsylvania to capture the landfill gas they generate and refine it into RNG to fuel their fleet of refuse vehicles. The company calls their new RNG venture Lego-V (pronounced Lego five), creatively named by spelling Vogel backwards.

        The RNG was initially used on-site at Seneca to power operations, and has been injected into the local utility natural gas pipeline for direct use by consumers and local businesses since 2011.

        Lego-V opened its first public renewable compressed natural gas (RCNG) fast-fill station in June 2018 at the entrance to the Seneca Landfill property. By positioning it on a public access road, it can service our fleet, as well as other local waste haulers, transit bus fleets, goods movement transport trucks, delivery vans, and other fleet vehicles. The price of diesel for heavy duty trucks is currently between 50 and 80 cents more per diesel gallon equivalent of RCNG. 35 of Vogel s 220 refuse trucks and over-the-road transfer haul trucks are NGVs with six more on order.

        Grant funds received from Pennsylvania have made it possible for a good project to become a great project. The Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) program provided financial assistance in the form of grant and loan funds that helped us build out the gas processing infrastructure for the RCNG station at the Seneca Landfill. The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) program is assisting with the construction of two more fueling stations, and with the purchase of more NGVs. On the fuel side, Vogel is an active participant in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, using Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). Without the RINs market, this project would not work.

        Under the Lego-V brand, two more public fast-fill CNG stations already under way, located at two other company operations in Beaver Falls and Grove City. Initially, these CNG stations will be supplied with natural gas from the local utility pipeline. Plans are to eventually take RCNG from the Lego-V station at Seneca and transfer it via a tube trailer to these stations.

        InsightFuel continues to be a key partner throughout the project. InsightFuel has participated in the design, construction, consulting, subcontracting, supplying components, project management, and maintenance of more than 180 major alternative fuel projects.