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OK public cng $1.24 at ONG w/ pricedrop - - Hooray !!

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  • OK public cng $1.24 at ONG w/ pricedrop - - Hooray !!

    Awesome news in Oklahoma,

    Have been to several ONG sites across OK and price at all have dropped to $1.24 / gge . Great!!

    Can John Mitton update on all ONG sites to $1.24 ?
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    Re: OK public cng $1.24 at ONG w/ pricedrop - - Hooray !!

    Just wish the ONG pumps were 3600psi.

    At the same time, On-Cue Express raised their price 10 cents to $1.39??
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      Re: OK public cng $1.24 at ONG w/ pricedrop - - Hooray !!

      Yeah, that would be nice.

      Sometimes I think that ONG compressors are "throttled back" to take care of 3,000 psi vehicles exclusively. Miami, OK compressor doesn't even kick on when there is sizeable draw on storage. Hello Tom at TGT in Tulsa, can a grant writer help ONG get stimulus money for compressor and dispenser upgrades all across OK?? A little bit of money would go a looooonnnnnggg way OKie style !!

      I'd love to have 2 hoses on every dispenser in OK and have 3,300 psi available for older vehicles (ie fill to 3,000 psi), while 4,000 psi would be available for 3,600 psi vehicles like the terrific public pump at Kyler Brothers in Indianapolis, IN (TGT built this one)!!


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        Re: OK public cng $1.24 at ONG w/ pricedrop - - Hooray !!

        Their compressors are not "Throttled back" they are just over loaded with use. They are making as much gas as they can. Remember those station we built in the mid 90s and their vehicles was the only fleet really using them. Some time around 2015 you will see the 3000 PSI hose disapear anyway because those tanks will have aged out and leaglly we can not fill them. We inspect every vehicle that uses our station to out of date tanks for FREE.

        There are several new station coming to OK in 2010 for the out lying areas of OKC and Tulsa. Keep watching my website for news.

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