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CE price per gge update

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  • CE price per gge update

    Not that CE is really relevant at all here in Oklahoma (thankfully), but rather for posterity, they have raised their price per gge to $2.12.

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    Re: CE price per gge update

    I would love to know how much they are selling. Unless you are contractually obligated or desperate why would anyone use these jerks. They believe they don't need to compete with CNG only gasoline. I hope Chesapeake purchases them.


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      Re: CE price per gge update

      Well at least they are not charging $2.54 like Pinnacle Gas in Austin, TX.
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        Re: CE price per gge update

        CE is only useful as a backup to everything else that Oklahoma has to offer. Thus give as MUCH business you can to ONG and OnCue.

        With public cng prices in California at $2.50 and surprisingly UNCHANGED with the expiration of excise tax credit, CE couldn't pass up chance to inch public price of cng in OK up towards CE's pre-determined price point they're shooting for . . . . my guess is $2.50 minimum nationwide. With commodity price of NG at record low levels under $4 per Mcf, how much profit does CE really want?? Utah still sells at less than a dollar . . . Wisconsin has public cng for less than a dollar . . . Greed Energy just couldn't pass up a second helping of profit.

        Please President Obama, quickly pass Wall Street reform and get back to re-instating the Excise Tax Credit and moving forward with CNG infrastructure. We CNG supporters can't wait while companies like CE gouge us to death!!
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          Re: CE price per gge update

          Like you said, buy from OnCue Express & ONG & Total Express(new pump on Rockwell). If you think CE is gouging you, don't buy their CNG. Sooner or later, CE might respond to the price difference in OKC.
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