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  • Claremore station

    The claremore station is going to be closed here in the next few weeks I hear. any news on if when and where they are going to open again would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Claremore station

    That is the same thing I was told. ONG will move that CNG station when the new site is ready to install the existing station. There should be ver little shut down when they move it.


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      Re: Claremore station

      I hope they completely rebuild that peice of crap it will only give you up to 2800 psi on its best day at 3 in the morning no matter if it is 70 degrees outside or not


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        Re: Claremore station

        The Claremore station is very frustrating. You may get 2000 lbs. if the thing has any pressure at all or if it is not down. My wife has stopped there numerous time on her way to work from B.A. to Pryor and when it is down, she has to turn around and come back to B.A. or Tulsa to get gas just to go back to Pryor. She hates Claremore's pump with a passion.

        Tom, do you know why they don't upgrade/update the station?