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New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

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  • New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

    Stop by our shop any time and look at our new compressor. It is a Natural Gas Engine drive 100 hp Arrow Compressor. Plumbers and electrican start hooking it up tomorrow. We plan on having it running by Nov. 1.

    This compressor will fill vehicles bumper to bumper all day long. Our station is open 24 hr a day with a TGT card. It take about 5 minutes to get a card when we have your MC or Visa on file with us. We can mail you a card as well.

    We figure the natural gas engine will cost .02 cents per GGE to operate. Electric drives cost about .05 cents per GGE.

    We have 3000 and 3600 psi nozzles on our dispenser. If you have problems with our equipment when you come to fill we will give you the gas . Our equipment has worked so well we have not had a single day with out gas or any problem since we opened it to the public.

    Keep Smiling
    Tom Sewell
    Tulsa Gas Tech.
    4809 S 101 E Ave
    TUlsa, Ok 74146

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    Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

    Post some pics when done, great news Tom!!


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      Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!


      What does a compressor like that cost?

      What if a business wanted the convenience and investment benefits of having their own fueling facility, but also wanted the additional benefit of public sales? For example, it would be available to the public all the time, but it would be located convenient to someones fleet so that the fleet vehicles could be fueled at night. (Heavy duty delivery trucks)

      I ask because I think I remember the tax credits are much higher for a public fueling facility.


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        Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

        Great to see an independant CNG station working great! I hope to see you again at the Las Vegas show.
        BLUE 09 GX


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          Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

          Congratulations Tom, Is Arrow the packager or Manufacturer. You must not have a AQMD in Tulsa. The emissions cost would make the demand charges look like chump change please post some pics of your station. How about some numbers too.


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            Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

            Arrow made the Engine and the compressor. JW Operating did the package, it has Murphy controls. About 80% of this compressor is made in Oklahoma.

            This compressor will be close to 300 cfm.

            No we do not have AQMD in Oklahoma. The natural gas compression business would be gone if there was AQMD here. most field gas compressor run on natural gas.

            I'll have pics on our website as soon at it quits raining here. It has rained for a month, Yuk!!! There is a pic of the dispenser island on there right now. down in the NEWS section.

            This compressor will compete with Ariel in the 100 to 150 hp range, No one competes with them on larger compressors.

            Keep Smiling


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              Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

              I had great luck with a Ariel JGP2 and a Cat driver(if you leave out the AQMD). The great thing about Ariel is the fast parts turn around. Greenfield could learn a lot from them. We use to have gas meter in all the local oil fields. Everything is electric drive now.


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                Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

                Got pics of the compressor on my site in the news section



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                  Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

                  We have it up and running. we are still working on a few bugs but all and all it is running. We has to pull the inlet back to 16 psi with the engine only putting out 18hp at 1800 rpm and 3.5 inched of manifold vacume. We metered 160 cfm on the discharge of the compressor.

                  We are happy with every thing. Stop buy and see our new machine, Your first fill up is on me. We take MC and Visa but you need to register with us and let us check out your vehicle. We give you a TGT then you have 24 hour access to our station. Come get some real 3600 psi.

                  We are still 1.23 per GGE



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                    Re: New Compressor has arrived!!!!!!!!

                    Good job on the new compressor installation. Looks good.
                    I've got to get out of California as what they would require here to do that would make your head spin (or at least drain your bank account). I'm glad there are still some places left in the country that just get it.
                    Keep the gas flowing.



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                      Working, CAT driven Ariel CNG compressor skid auction ends May 20 2017. As in post above, owner had great luck with a Ariel and a Cat driver and the great thing about Ariel is the fast parts turn around. Nameplate is in the photos: Minimum 20psi inlet; 230 SCFM (115 gge/hr); presently under $5K - full payment due May 25 and unit will be loaded on truck June 6. The Pennsylvania fueling site is undergoing a large expansion. Full size transit buses were being fast-filled using this and another same-size compressor in tandem. Only downside is that it is not a good choice where there is an air-quality management district to complain about the emissions from the engine that drives the compressor.



                      • KSneedsCNG
                        KSneedsCNG commented
                        Editing a comment
                        FYI . . . above is UNRELATED to the TGT compressor in Tulsa. 300MileClub is just posting apparently since similar size compressor.

                        I've used the TGT dispenser at their HQ in Tulsa . . . . excellent fill. Thanks Tom for all you do in CNG industry. Start building in KS too !!

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                      Ariel JGP-2 compressor in Pennsylvania sold on auction for $10K.


                      Ariel compressors are the backbone in the industry.
                      Ariel compressors are dependable; parts are easy to get.
                      Technicians put Ariel at the top of the list of best compressors.


                      KRAUS, of Manitoba Canada, packaged this skid to include:

                      - CAT engine driver (natural gas fueled)
                      - Ariel compressor 4 stage
                      - Program logic controller (controls the compressor parameters)
                      - Priority panel (controls the storage vs. compressor sequencing)

                      Buyer would need to supply:

                      - Dryer
                      - storage tanks
                      - dispenser (also provides sequential control to fuel multiple cars)
                      - fast fill post (prevents damage in event of drive-away)
                      - point of sale card reader
                      - time-fill posts
                      - de-fueling post (to remove fuel for doing vehicle repair)

                      Serial number plate shows:

                      25 Paquin Road Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada R2J 3V9
                      KRT- JGP 2
                      Capacity 232 SCFM at 60 psig inlet
                      M.A.W.P. 4750 PSIG
                      MIN/MAX Suction Pressure 20/60 PSIG
                      170 BHP/1800 RPM; 7000 psi compression; weight 900lbs

                      Unit is presently operating, fueling transit buses and shuttles at:
                      Centre Area Transportation Authority
                      2081 West Whitehall Road State College, PA

                      Auctions of NG drive, Ariel skid units for comparison:
                      JGP/2 Ford 20psi/5000psi, 194cfm @ 5,540psi, $45,000
                      JGP/2 Ford 100psi/5000psi, 243cfm @ 5,540psi, $40,000
                      JGP/2 CAT 3306 18psi/4500psi

                      Twin 200HP Ariels are used at the Vancouver WA Frito-Lay station; three at Rogue Disposal’s Tru-Star station in White City OR, and the SPARQ station in Trinidad CO uses a 200HP Ariel. Second photo shows a gigantic compressor for pipelines.

                      CNG_ariel_controller.png CNG_ariel_giant.png


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                        To the best of my knowledge nobody supports the PLC package any more.
                        Last edited by cngmike; 05-20-2017, 10:39 PM.