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Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

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  • Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

    Look at this press story on the Apache web site. It is not public but it is a model station for private companies and cities to use that would want to sell to the public and their own fleet.

    Tom Sewell

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    Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma


    Quick question . . . is ONG letting CNG die ??

    We all need to know !!


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      Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

      No ONG has not told me any think like that. They spent a ton of money on 15th lately and have invested in some new equipment that is beeing built right now.

      They just dont blow their own horn very much so no one knows what is happening.

      I would not listen to rumors about stations closing. I sugest we keep encourging ONG not bashing them. They are a private company and we are using those station they have as a blessing. Only Questar has made this type of investment on Public station. I know of six private station in the works right now.

      We are working still on getting out station up and running to the public. We just put down a bunch more concrete and have started working on the compressor again.

      CHK has broke ground on their station at 49th and Western in OKC. Keep watching that site for a station coming soon.

      Keep contacting your politicians to support the new tax credits that the OK Senate will be voting on soon. watch



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        Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

        By private stations, do you mean a private company that will grant public access or just for their use? Are any of these other than the CHK stations going to be in OKC?


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          Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

          Tom, what was the skid and storage at this station?


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            Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

            The Elk City station is a JGP Ariel 125HP 285 cfm electric drive compressor. 3 21" X 21' 5500 PSI tubes. 1 twin hose TGT dispenser. It will fill a 19 GGE truck in 5 min or less and make 2 GGE a minute as long as you want. Some day maybe they will open it to the public but not now.

            This is the same equipment package we quote on most new Public bids around OK.

            Some stations we quote 2 of these compressors for more volume.

            This all top of the line stuff that will be in service for 20 year easy. with good maintenance the compressor has no time end of life.


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              Re: Apache opens new station in Elk City, Oklahoma

              Sounds like a nice package. I am a real fan of Ariel.


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                These private CNG stations in NM, TX and OK offer public fueling, but please do not ask that they be listed on cngprices or expect to find them on other apps that use the DOE database. It is a big risk to even list them on cngchat because they will be retrieved by search engines:

                The tell-tale for finding these stations is to spot the canopy over the dispenser. Those that are listed on cngprices include:
                122 N Gum St Perryton, TX
                2101 SW Mustang Dr Andrews TX presently marked non-operational

                The private CNG stations, but where the public may fuel are:
                401 Birch St Canadian, TX
                306 Taylor St Whiteface TX
                1945 Bluestem Rd Artesia, NM
                31 S NM Highway 207 Eunice, NM (Google streetview has never been there - same layout as Perryton except uses tubes instead of spheres)
                12001 W Highway 302 Notrees, TX (Canopy visible in distance just to the right of Apache sign)
                1163 N US Highway 385 Crane, TX (Hwy 385 north of Humble Camp Rd)

                Using these private Apache stations, the long leg of the Deming NM, Artesia NM, Midland TX route is 50 miles shorter than the 287 mile Interstate 40 Albuquerque NM to Amarillo leg - which has been driven without air-conditioning at slower speeds successfully on a number of occasions in the 5-speed Civic GX.

                If there is an open Apache office adjacent to the 24/7 self-service bank-card activated dispensers when you arrive to fuel, you should find when you inquire that Apache says any driver is welcome to fuel at their stations. They likely do not want most of their facilities shown as public stations on CNG maps because they are not in the business of making SURE the fuel is available and customer situations are resolved the way a retail station would be expected operate. I asked. They said go ahead and fuel. They didn’t invite me to use the bathroom, get coffee - it is not their line of work.

                These four additional Apache stations are gated (not accessible to the public). But there are listed public CNG stations down the street in each case except for the Hobbs station:
                1710 Charles Allen Dr Chickasha, OK
                5101 Williams Ave Woodward, OK (south of Hwy 270 and Trailer Villa)
                2350 W Marland Blvd Hobbs, NM (not observable under awnings)
                3900 W 3rd Elk City, OK

                CNG_Apache_PerrytonTX.png CNG_Apache_AndrewsTX.png CNG_Apache_CanadianTX.png CNG_Apache_WhitefaceTX.png CNG_Apache_ArtesiaNM3.jpg CNG_Apache_EuniceNM.png CNG_Apache_NotreesTX.png CNG_Apache_CraneTX.png


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                  Info found on an online alternative fuel blog site from a year ago gives this info about the Artesia Apache station. Yet the prior post info that the public may fuel at Apache using bank cards was acquired in person this month:

                  Ownership: Private – fleet customers only
                  Availability and Access: Station accepts CRIND card – call 713-296-7479 to set up fueling account
                  Cards Accepted: FuelMan Voyager Wright_Exp



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                    The Perryton TX Apache station is the one that had not been recorded on Google street view. In the prior post, the image shows Eunice NM correctly, and the Perryton station is the one that looks similar to Eunice but with storage tubes instead of spheres.

                    The screenshot attached provides shows where these private stations are.

                    Attached Files


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                      This 2012 article from the Albuquerque Journal, the only projection that panned out (Aztec Well Servicing never added CNG to the Road Runner Fuels on Highway 550 in Aztec NM) was the pledge by Apache natural gas transportation fuels director, Frank Chapel, that he would have the three (prior post above) listed New Mexico CNG stations operational. Apache, at the time, was operating 12 stations and had planned to open 8 more by year end - which also was accomplished:



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                        CNG station planned for Moriarty NM

                        Equipment (Ariel plus six spheres) to arrive Aug 1st 2019 - pulled from Hobbs NM where Apache has pulled out one of a number of the CNG stations it built before 2017. They were never listed on the DOE database at as public even though they offered public fills.

                        Station in Moriarty is to be built before the end of the year by on a vacant parcel across Cam Oriente road from Lisa s Truck Center at 820 Central Ave, Moriarty, NM.

                        There is a 1000 ft elevation gain from the Flying J CNG station in Albuquerque NM to Moriarty - 46 miles to the east. This new station will help to shorten the distance to the next CNG stations in Amarillo which, today, are 250 miles away (requiring slower speeds and not using A/C to conserve fuel in Civic GXs.) There will still be the 264 mile stretch from Winslow AZ to Albuquerque NM for CNG travel across the Southwest I-40.

                        This update was acquired by a phone call and the information has not been published.


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                          DOE energy website last confirmed on 4 Nov 2021 that the Moriarty station being put in by EMW Gas Association is "planned" with a 15 Jan 2022 availability date.

                          Planning is underway for a "cruise-in" highlighting this keystone station to coincide with the "Ten Year Anniversary" next May 5th for the for the Clean Across America & Back 2012 CNG Road Trip. Event will likely feature a banquet at the adjacent US SOUTHWEST SOARING MUSEUM, with drivers of the Clean Cities nationwide road trips in attendance.



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                            Cross country travel is rapidly losing options as Parachute CO (I-70), Havasu City (I-40) and Eugene OR (I-5) have been taken out of service this year. A particularly damaging closure was removing Everett WA some years back which prevents travel to the US/Canada border on I-5 unless one goes into Canada to refuel for the trip back.


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                              Public CNG station opened 2 Feb 2023 at 612 East U.S. Highway 66, Moriarty NM 87035 (corner of U.S. Hwy 66 and Paseo Poniete) with the sign-off on the dispenser calibration by authorities in New Mexico. 24/7 accepts VISA, Visa Fleet, Mastercard, Mastercard Fleet, Discover, American Express, Voyager, Fuelman, WEX and Fleet One cards. This is verified by cngchat member Larry of Broken Arrow OK who has tirelessly followed the station installation progress by EMW gas utility.

                              This station reduces the 250mi distance between Albuquerque and Amarillo CNG stations by 46 miles. There will still be the 264 mile stretch from Winslow AZ to Albuquerque NM for CNG travel across the Southwest I-40.