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Tulsa getting CNG garbage truck.

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  • Tulsa getting CNG garbage truck.

    Looks like we are getting a CNG garbage truck. I wonder why it's just 1? I work for the Fire Department and wonder how long til we get a CNG Fire truck??? At the station I used to work at, we would go though about 30 gallons of diesel fuel every day.

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    State of Oklahoma Signs Up for Fleet Conversion to CNG

    State of Oklahoma Signs Up for Fleet Conversion to CNG Source: NGV Global Friday, 27 February 2009 00:00 USA, Tulsa and Phoenix
    The State of Oklahoma’s Department of Central Services Fleet Management Division recently entered into an agreement with Oklahoma based Tulsa Gas Technologies, Inc. (TGT), and CNG conversion technology manufacturer NaturalDrive Partners, LLC to provide Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified OEM-style compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion technology for use in its vehicle fleets. TGT will provide the equipment and training necessary for fleet conversion.

    Congrats to John, Kevin and Tom. Good job. Looks like Tulsa will get more than a trash truck.
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