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71st and Union station down?

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  • 71st and Union station down?

    Anyone have any info on the ONG station at 71st and Union. I went there at around 6 on Friday night and it was down. I had to go up to the 15th St. location.

    I heard a rumor that they may be replacing the compressor and generally updating the station.

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    Re: 71st and Union station down?

    I was there around noon on friday and it was down at that time as well. I called the number on the pump and the dispatcher said it should be working. He stated he would send someone to look at it, but I guess no one fixed it in the 6 hours between the our times. Luckily for me, the 15th station wasn't too far since I was running pretty low. I hope they fix this station, its in a great location.