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CNG inaccuracies on Flashpoint KFOR TV OKC

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  • CNG inaccuracies on Flashpoint KFOR TV OKC

    Did anyone catch Flashpoint Sunday, July 13th? They were talking with Jeff Cloud from the Corporation Commission about CNG, and the shear amount of inaccurate info was astounding. I don't know of one pump in OK that charges $2.00/gal or even one conversion shop offering an EPA approved system for $2,000 (I wish). It sounds like they have been listening to Pickens too much. He puts that stuff out in the Oklahoman, the state's propaganda machine. Don't you love it when the "experts" can't even give accurate information to the public. The only reason they are saying $2/Gal is to promote the idea of CE (Pickens) high priced CNG agenda. Here is a link to view it online, they just put it up.

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