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  • Oklahoma CNG Price

    I spoke to a local installer of home fueling systems here in Tulsa and was informed that the price of natural gas in Okla. never hit the projected price for the past year, so the price at the pump should drop. The price is set once a year in Nov. and does not fluctuate.

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    Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

    I heard the same thing this weekend from probably the same guy. I think he said it is supposed to go below 90 cents/gge. Pretty cool!


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      Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

      Is there a CNG station locator book available for your part of the world? If so, please upload it to the "Downloads" section of this community site (see the link on top of the page). Thanks!


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        Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

        I wonder if Oklahoma has the same situation as Utah or vice versa. Here is Utah's situation:

        Questar Gas is the only natural gas company in Utah. I've been told that Questar is the only gas company in the nation that owns their own wells, piping, etc. Because of this monopoly, the price of natural gas in Utah is regulated by the Public Serive Commission (PSC). Questar can not advertise their price. Questar can make suggestions (petitions) to the PSC on changing the price of natural gas, but at the end of the day it is the PSC that makes the final decision on the price of natural gas. They make changes to the price once a year (November time frame). Questar's profit is about 10%. Normally a gas company would start making profit about 18-36 months after a new home was contructed. Questar starts making profit about 15-20 years after a new home is constructed. Questar has its wells in Wyoming, which is also why Wyoming CNG prices are low as well.

        I am wondering if Oklahoma has a similiar gas company. That would be interesting to know.
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          Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

          Originally posted by John View Post
          Is there a CNG station locator book available for your part of the world?
          I have some OK stations on Just put in where you are in the city field on the left and see if it comes up with the stations you know. If I am missing stations, let me know if you find a better list than I used.
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            Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

            I've been driving CNG vehicles in Oklahoma for over three years now and yes, the price of CNG is great here, but I'm becoming pretty concerned with the way the CNG infrastructure in this state is being allowed to deteriorate.
            From what I've been told by employees of Oklahoma Natural Gas company, the only supplier in the state, they used to have a more robust infrastructure than they do now, with more managers, more mechanics to service the pumps, and more equipment.
            Now, they only have two mechanics to service the entire state! They seem to be doing a good job, though, because when pumps break down, which seems to be pretty frequent, they don't stay broken down very long, usually less than a day.
            Last week, the CNG pump in Owasso, OK was permanently removed, and a month or two ago, another pump in Tulsa was also removed.
            There is also apparently a strong possibility that ONG may eliminate their own fleet of CNG trucks because neither Ford nor Chevy is still making new CNG vehicles. I've been told by more than one ONG employee that it will be basically all over in about five years when the last of their fleet reaches its end of life. There is some talk of Ford starting production up again, but nothing for sure.
            It just sickens me to see such a potentially good thing falling apart. Maybe I'm overreacting but from where I stand, it looks like the sky is falling.


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              Oklahoma CNG Price Reduced

              The price at my local pump went to .91 per GGE. I hope it is going down elsewhere too.


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                Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                I noticed the price went down to .91 per GGE today at my local pump.


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                  Re: Oklahoma CNG Price Reduced

                  It should be the same at all pumps being that the price is set for the state, not individual areas. Where is the pump you are referring to? I will go check the pump in Claremore today at lunch and let you know if it dropped here. I was hoping it was going to drop down into the 80s range since the price is set for 1 year at a time. The price in Utah just dropped to 63.9¢!!! That is an 11¢ drop!


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                    Re: Oklahoma CNG Price Reduced

                    That is great news! Too bad more natural gas utilities around the country do not follow the lead of ONG and Questar in setting up filling stations.

                    I am going to merge this with the other thread over in the Oklahoma forum and leave a link here in the main forum.


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                      Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                      My local pump is the Elk City pump. Here is a picture of the price from the fabwest website.


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                        Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                        All of the dispensers at ONG's Stations should be at $0.909 per GGE

                        This includes a 32 cents per gallon federal tax credit that they get and pass on to the customer.

                        Dont get down on ONG about the recient closings of 55/108 and Owasso, they were forces to close by the land owners. It cost about 30,000.00 to install one of these stations not counting the cost of the equipment. Owasso will be relocated at 66th and Yale when the new service center is built.

                        We are building a new station at our shop and hopeflly it will be done some day.

                        If you get a chance write Jim Inhofe and John Sullivan about passing some reforms on how the EPA certifies CNG aftermarket systems. it has to start with them. Inhofe is the Chairman of the Envirmental Comitee.

                        If we can help please call


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                          Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                          Hi Tom,

                          Welcome to CNGchat!
                          It is nice to have the Tulsa guru on board

                          Do you folks want us to print up some 90¢ window / bumper stickers for you to use in Oklahoma, similar to what we printed up here in Utah?

                          I need to do another printing now that Questar dropped rates to 63¢... Might as well run some for you too.
                          - John


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                            Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                            Hello John,

                            I just got my 08' GX. I went to Tom's and tried to fill-up, but the pump is not installed as of yet. On one 'pump locator' sites listed him as a 'New' station. Tom's company is going to be installing my home fueling system.

                            I would love to have some bumper stickers to pass out. I will also take them to the Honda dealership where I purchased my NGV, and can also take some to Tom.

                            Let me know where I can get the stickers printed if you are not able to do so.


                            casey owens


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                              Re: Oklahoma CNG Price

                              Hi Casey,

                              Please call GraphicsLand and ask for Mick:

                              Tell him you want to do a similar sticker to Order# 8220703. Mick will remember my conversation with him as he was curious as hell over how I pay 63 cents for gas

                              You can order as little as one sticker or thousands for a very reasonable cost. Thank you for spreading the word in Oklahoma!