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Station Reliability at EZ Go Phillips 66 Near McAlester?

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  • Station Reliability at EZ Go Phillips 66 Near McAlester?

    Does anyone here use this station regularly or has recently?
    I have a job interview in Durant next week and will be traveling from the Tulsa area in my 12' CNG Civic. It looks like my last fuel stop is the EZ Go Phillips 66 outside of McAlester on Indian Nations Turnpike. I've got a 151.4 mile round trip from there to the interview in Durant and back. My fill up today, I had 172 miles on trip A since my last fill, which was a full 3600psi fill. So, I need a solid full fill in the morning to be able to make it back to this station after the interview. I'm hoping not to have empty tank anxiety since I'll already have plenty of that before the interview.
    Thanks for any help or experiences with this station.

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    Make life easier , just rent a car for the day and focus on the interview. Good luck at the interview.


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      I thought about it but they're paying for the mileage. I'm pretty sure I can make it, living life on the edge!


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        So to maximize your fill, consider doing this:
        1. Fill to 3000 psi (if the station has one of these hoses). Otherwise go ahead and fill to 3600 psi.
        2. Wait about a half hour or more - go somewhere for lunch or something. Best if you can park somewhere cool, in the shade. As its a CNG car open the trunk and car doors to allow air to flow over the cylinder. (If it were a truck you would drive a bit to get air flowing over the cylinder in the truck bed). The good news is your Civic is a "type 3" tank, so the metal inner liner tends to dissipate heat better than a "type 4" plastic-lined cylinder.
        3. Come back and fill again. The tank should have cooled down considerably from the first fill and you will get another 15% or more in there.
        4. After the fill is complete, swipe your card again and start another fill. The dispenser should put in another 1/4 GGE or so when it does the initial "puff" of gas into the tank at 4300 psi to determine your tank pressure. It of course won't put any more in there, but at least you will have gotten a little more. Sometimes I have done this twice, but usually the second time doesn't result in any more gas.

        Other tips:
        High tire pressures usually provide better fuel economy.
        Cooler ambient temperatures usually provide better fills, so if you can do the above during the coolest part of the clock you will be in better shape (especially step #4).
        If you run out of fuel on CNG you often have about a 1/4 mile heads-up due to a sluggish engine so as to get off to the side of the road. Gasoline doesn't give you this luxury.
        Get AAA Premier in case you need a long tow

        Safe travels,
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          In the Durant area, the closest CNG is in Ardmore. Last weekend ONG site was 1.65, best price in Ardmore. The pumps are about a little more then a half mile east of I35 exit 33 on the north side of I-142. It is off by its self but I get good fills there.
          The other source is Loves on the west side of I-35
          So from Tulsa, you might consider I-44 to the City and then south to Ardmore, then east on 70 to Durant. Best price inroute is in Moore at 7-11 for 1.39.