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Plano Texas Who is serious about CNG?

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  • Plano Texas Who is serious about CNG?

    I'm looking to get very serious about the implementation of NGVs in the Dallas, Plano, and surrounding areas. For the past 2 months I've made literally hundreds of phone calls learning all I can.

    What I am looking for now are people in the area who are serious about NGVs. If you are any of the following please respond to this post or contact me directly at [email protected]
    If you are serious about:
    Converting your existing vehicle
    Looking to buy a NGV
    Interested in home CNG filling or local filling stations and infrastructure for NGVs, etc...

    If you are doing business or looking to do business serving the NGV market I would also like to hear from you.
    Thank all of you so much!

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    Re: Plano Texas Who is serious about CNG?

    I am in Katy and am very interested in doing all that I can. I just purchased my new car this weekend that I am going to convert. Still need to figure out how I am going to fill it in Katy but one step at a time.

    Bob Baldwin
    2009 Ford Focus Bi-Fuel
    2000 Ford F-150 Bi-Fuel


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      Re: Plano Texas Who is serious about CNG?

      I'm hoping to buy a bus this week. If I do, I know I'll have to fill it in Dallas, Irving, or Fort Worth. I don't think there are any CNG stations south of there until say, Austin. So living down here kinda puts a damper on the CNG thing. When I lived a mile from the Mark IV/Meacham station it was high on my priority list but I never could afford one of the vehicles. Figures now that I have cash on hand, I live too far away from a station to make it happen.


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        Re: Plano Texas Who is serious about CNG?

        I'll send your post to some people in the area. With luck there will be some replies. It is coming and they are aware but in the dark. No one knows where to start.