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  • Atlanta CE Station

    Just passed through Atlanta and fueled at the new CE station in College Park. Very easy to get to off the interstate--located real close to Hartsfield airport. Very clean--everything works---3600 psi only. Price was $1.899---higher then what was shown on the Web. However, it was 5 cents cheaper then my next stop from an established non-CE station. Where I come from, the only refueling I can do is with my own equipment so it is a pleasure to see a nice facility like this one. I know some complain about CE's pricing structure, but when you pull into a place like this and see the investment in equipment (and the fact that I was there for over a half hour and the only one there) you have to wonder if they are making any money even at the price they charge until volume picks up. I don't mind paying a little more if someone is going to the trouble and expense to build facilities like this so I can travel and get the benifits of CNG .

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    Re: Atlanta CE Station

    We are glad you like the station.
    We have the capabilities to fill vehicles and transit buses.
    It is the only (open to the public CNG Station) in the state of GA.
    It will take the CE and all major credit cards.
    We are in the process of getting a lot of the park and ride vehicles signed up that are around the airport.
    Some of the major hotels have there shuttle vans already converted.
    It is a slow process, but it is getting there.