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Florida Emissions Testing

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  • Florida Emissions Testing

    In July 1, 2000, the State of Florida abolished the auto emissions
    test requirement for all vehicles throughout the state. The
    smog-tackling program only lasted nine years and had often been a
    fiercely political issue for many Florida residents and legislators.

    Several counties allegedly registered air clean enough to make the
    tests obsolete, but even the counties with continuing poor air
    quality are looking for alternate ways to breathe easy again.

    Meanwhile, if you spot a smoking vehicle on the highway, your only
    recourse is to hold your breath―currently there is no program
    in Florida for reporting gross emissions polluters.

    Yet, our state legislature is determining whether to enact CARB standards.

    Is this crazy or is just me.

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    Re: Florida Emissions Testing


    The problem is NOT new cars, I agree.

    Florida has historically been in attainment with regard to EPA Ozone Air Quality standards, but that's changing. According to the new 0.75 ppm O3 standard there are ten counties that exceed that. So, new State Implementation Plans will have to deal with this.

    The focus should be on stationary and gross polluters. CARB requirements are overkill. The federal EPA emission standards for automobiles should be sufficient.

    Why not encourage other options, like NGV's?