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  • Atlanta station question

    Can anyone out there tell me if the one filling station in Atlanta accepts cash or Visa? Or do you have to have a card of some sort?

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    Re: Atlanta station question

    I would call them and insist on talking to a human that know the current condition of thier station. Atlanta is not known for being a CNG friendly town.
    Two years ago when we were removing a station, not far from Six Flags, we couldn't even find people to give fuel to. MARTA was the only game in town and they are not public.
    Good Luck.
    Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator


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      Re: Atlanta station question

      I tried getting cng in Atlanta in May 2007 while driving from outside Atlanta to Oklahoma when I bought 2 bi-fuel Cavaliers. Local gas company had nice "public" cng refueling site, but yes you would have to have a local gas company fuel card, or FuelMan card (ie they did not offer just Visa/MC). Pump was nice though with multiple hoses for 3,000 psi or 3,600 psi. It really was a city/county fleet refueling site that they let the public use if they had a fuel card.

      For trip I took later in Dec 2007 from NY to OK, I did have a FuelMan card so I was able to get cng in St Louis.

      I would recommend that you apply for a FuelMan account . . . just submit as a small business, and get 2 cards in case one doesn't work when you need it.