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  • Florida

    We are embarking on the chicken and egg mission of building the infrastructure in South Florida. We intend to make it a public/private initiative and will invest several million before it is all said and done. I appreciate all of the experience the posters of this site have provided. We have a signed letter of intent with FuelMaker and we expect to be up and running in the next month. Any comments from other Floridians is welcomed. At the moment we are building our business model around Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale and Miami-Dade county.

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    Re: Florida

    what all services will you provide and do you know where i can get my car converted in south florida? i have a 2001 VW passa


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      Re: Florida

      Originally posted by jnicholson1437 View Post
      what all services will you provide and do you know where i can get my car converted in south florida? i have a 2001 VW passa
      how much is a cng conversion??


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        Re: Florida

        unfortunately there is no epa legal conversion for a vw at this time what wisegas is talking about is a fueling infrastructure coming soon to a gas station near you in south Florida. so i would suggest saving for a allready converted cng car. it soon will pay off.


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          Re: Florida

          Thanks for posting Scott, while the first wave of conversions will most likely be limited to fleet vehicles, we are going to aggressively pursue additional conversion products approval by the EPA. This will not be an overnight cure, but with public awareness, government support and solid economic fundamentals we see this as a piece of the oil dependence solution. We recognize electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are most likely the future, CNG will continue to be a part of the solution. There are too many people that do not have the ability to plug their car in at night, and hydrogen stations will follow CNG as the next generation, we need something to bridge the 20-30 years it will take to have completely alternative fuel infrastructure. The beautiful part of our plan is that CNG uses many of the same components of hydrogen fueling so when that technology evolves we will be ready for it and in the mean time, if we can convert fleets, promote the new Civic and encourage the other auto makers to get back on board (this idea has been around for almost 100 years, Henry Ford actually had a CNG powered Model T from what I hear) we can begin to get our economy back on track. More to come....


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            Re: Florida

            Originally posted by jnicholson1437 View Post
            what all services will you provide and do you know where i can get my car converted in south florida? i have a 2001 VW passa
            We will be offering both the conversion and the infrastructure products. We have to get a few more approvals before I can give you all the plans.


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              Drive America on Natural Gas Act of 2008

              Attached find the Drive America on Natural Gas Act of 2008. Support it and spread the word.
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                Re: Florida

                More Legislation on the Table:

                July 14, 2008


                WASHINGTON, D.C.—At a press conference in Chicago, Rep. Rahm Emanuel today announced plans to introduce legislation that will compel automakers to make 10 percent of their fleet vehicles that run on natural gas by the year 2018. Emanuel’s proposal also includes incentives and tax credits that will result in the addition of natural gas pumps at 20,000 fueling stations across the country. The legislation will be formally introduced later this week.

                “This proposal is a hat trick for America: it's good for our environment, good for our national security and good for drivers who are suffering at the pump. Natural gas is cheap, green and American-made and it’s time we encouraged the use of natural gas vehicles here in America,” said Emanuel. “American drivers should be able to buy a car that runs on a cleaner fuel that is currently half the cost of gas. Developing cars that run on natural gas and making it available at the gas station or at home will save money for consumers and help end our dependence on foreign oil.”

                Emanuel’s legislation would compel automakers to make 10% of their fleet vehicles that run on natural gas by the year 2018. The bill would also offer new incentives to make natural gas more readily available for drivers and could enable the construction of natural gas pumps at 20,000 gas stations across the country. The legislation:

                Offers a $90,000 tax credit to encourage gas station owners to install natural gas fuel pumps.
                Provides $2.6 billion in bonding authority to states to provide no or low-interest loans to service stations to install natural gas pumps.
                Requires the gas stations owned by the major oil companies to install at least one natural gas pump in each station by 2018.
                Includes tax credits for drivers who convert their cars to allow them to run on natural gas and for those Americans who own home “Phill” units, a simple device that can be installed in a garage that allows drivers to use their home natural gas line to refuel their car.
                Currently, natural gas costs about half of the price of gasoline and produces approximately one-third less emissions. Additionally, 98% of the natural gas Americans currently consume is produced in North America and current estimates indicate that America has a 118 year supply of natural gas.

                “The United States has abundant natural gas reserves,” added Emanuel. “It’s time to start making those reserves work for us.”

                American automakers have the technology to produce vehicles that run on natural gas. General Motors currently makes four different natural gas vehicles in Europe and Asia and Ford has previously built natural gas vehicles that were used in the House of Representatives.

                The Emanuel legislation would also create jobs and help offset recent declines in the SUV and light truck market. Estimates indicate that increased demand for natural gas powered vehicles and natural gas production could create 500,000 US energy industry jobs.


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                  Re: Florida

                  Wise Gas, Inc has begun operations. Check us out at

                  More news coming soon.


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                    Re: Florida

                    I have a CNG truck and a sticker and I'm in Miami..Do you have a fueling station set up? I'm there!


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                      Re: Florida

                      Soon Boomerdog, send me an email {e-mail address removed by forum staff to prevent spamming} We will need to get you set up.

                      Note from forum staff:
                      To send an e-mail to a member just click on the name and select either "Send a private message" or "Send email." The first option puts the message in the member's PM folder here at CNGchat, the other option sends out the email.
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                        IEA warns of new oil supply crunch

                        IEA warns of new oil supply crunch

                        By Carola Hoyos,Ed Crooks and Javier Blas

                        Published: November 12 2008 12:22 | Last updated: November 12 2008 14:50

                        A lack of investment in new sources of oil risks a supply crunch worse than the problems that pushed prices to $147 a barrel this summer, the developed world’s energy watchdog said on Wednesday.

                        The International Energy Agency warned that cuts and delays in investment that were prompted by the fall in oil prices and the credit crunch had put the world “on a bad path”.
                        Fatih Birol, chief economist at the IEA, said: “We hear almost every day about a project being postponed. This is a major problem.”

                        Last year, $390bn (€311bn, £259bn) was invested in20oil and gas exploration and production, one of the highest amounts in recent years. Yet it still fell short of the $450bn the IEA said would be needed in both sectors.

                        There was no respite for the IEA in oil prices on Wednesday. West Texas Intermediate on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped to a 20-month low of $56.35 a barrel, down almost $3, after the US department of energy said demand would remain flat for 2008-09.

                        Oil prices have fallen as economies have struggled in the credit crisis and demand has dropped, especially in the developed world.

                        The IEA predicted that shrinking demand would be a long-term phenomenon among members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. “We think OECD oil demand has peaked. The OECD countries’ role in the energy world is becoming less and less important,” said Mr Birol.

                        Developing countries are expected to be the only source of growth in oil demand until 2030, with China contributing 43 per cent and India and the Middle East each about 20 per cent. The remainder will come from other emerging economies in Asia.

                        But meeting the demand growth is secondary to the big challenge of compen*sating for the fast-declining production from the world’s older fields, the IEA said. It suggested the oil price was too low to guarantee the necessary investment and noted that high-cost ventures, such as Canada’s tar sands, were producing oil at a cost of about $80 a barrel – more than $20 higher than the prevailing oil price.

                        The warning represents a change of tone from an organisation that has often criticised the Opec cartel of oil-producing nations for reducing production to prop up prices.

                        The main spur for the IEA’s focus on investment – and the oil price that it regards as necessary to stimulate investors – has been its exhaustive study on the rates of decline in production from 800 of the world’s biggest oil fields.

                        The watchdog found that even after recent investment, production from the fields was declining at an annual 6.7 per cent and that this rate was accelerating. This means 45m barrels a day would have to be found and tapped in the next 22 years simply to meet an unchanged world demand. As it stands, however, the IEA expects demand to rise from 85m b/d last year to 106m b/d in 2030, making the challenge that much greater.

                        Many of the fields experiencing the sharpest decline in production lie in developed countries, including in areas such as the North Sea and Alaska. This meant the west would become less and less of an influence in terms of production, while Persian Gulf countries would become more important.

                        The IEA said most of the projected increase would come from members of Opec, whose world share would jump from 44 per cent to 51 per cent by 2030.

                        “Their reserves are big enough for output to grow faster, but investment is assumed to be constrained, notably by conservative depletion policies and geopolitical factors,” said the IEA.

                        Petrobras, the Brazilian state oil company, said production this year would be 500,000 b/d lower than previously forecast.

                        Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008


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                          Re: Florida

                          Good for you Wisegas!

                          I am doing the same thing in western WI.

                          We are trying to set up a grid of stations targetting major hiway intersection areas. Then the driver can go throughout the region and get fueled.


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                            Wise Gas 3 Month Update

                            Here we are, oil prices below $60, foreclosures through the roof (pardon the pun) and credit still tight. Sounds like things are going to be tough, but we are pushing our way through. We have increased our customer base, received commitments to bring vehicles into Florida and yes we are still negotiating on our first public access site....

                            The good news is that we now have 2 types of vehicles coming into the Florida market. The 2008 Chevrolet Impala with the Natural Drive CNG retrofit will be available shortly and is running between $30-34K depending on the options you want. It is dedicated CNG and has a $2500 tax credit. The 2009 Honda Civic will be out in July 2009 and should be in the $26-27K range with a $4K tax credit. We have a waiting list on Phill units and vehicles, the fastest I can get a Phill will be early February and that is if you sign up for one today. FuelMaker is promising me they are going to ramp up production so we will see what the new year brings.

                            Natural Gas at your home is now below a dollar and we have 5 Natural Gas providers on board to promote us. Our first Phill stations will be installed in December and we are expecting our station to be announced in December and operational by April or May.

                            Check out for available automobiles, waiting lists, and more over the next week. We will be making several new sections of our website live this week so please join our mailing list at the bottom of the home page if you have not already done so.

                            Thanks for the overwhelming support of all we have talked with and we expect big news in December.


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                              Wise Gas latest update

                              Things have taken longer than expected, but here we are finally in permitting with our first station, waiting on Utah to convince the EPA to change the rules and in discussions with Clean Cities, Conversion shops, Auto Dealers, Manufacturers and politicians about our solution. We have reached the critical mass and now its a matter of closing the deals. I haven't had time to sleep, much less blog for the last couple of months, but I hope you have had a chance to visit our site, pics of T Boone and myself a news story and a fresh face on the site are all available for your review.