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Albany NY area CNG users?????

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  • Albany NY area CNG users?????

    I just bought a CNG van and am looking to see who else is out there in the up State NY (Albany/Schenectady) area.

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    Re: Albany NY area CNG users?????

    Hello to Albany, NY cng supporter,

    There is a public cng refueling station there in Albany, NY at McCarty Ave and Route 9W per the website and price is $1.98 The monopoly provider for cng in your area is Clean Energy and they require their CE Fuel Card to run on the old NYS (New York State) cng system that CE took over about 10 or 15 years ago. And virtually all locations in entire state of New York takes are CE and do NOT accept just a VISA/MC credit card!!! I believe only exception is the LaGuardia airport. Thus, you are stuck with applying for CE cng fuel card that requires a $100 lifetime deposit that you don't get back until you ultimately cancel the service. Also, no interest paid on $100 deposit, and get this . . . the NY fuel card of CE does NOT work in other states . . . . ARRGGHHH!!!!

    You might sense that I don't care too much for CE . . . you're right!! I made multi-state journey in dedicated cng vehicle from Albany, NY to Oklahoma back in Dec 2007 and CE was WORST company I ever dealt with!! I easily got fuel card with no hassles or deposit from PA to OH from other gas companies, but I refused to give ridiculous $100 deposit to CE for filling 2 tanks with cng in NY when I bought my Honda Civic GX.

    I did use the New Paltz, NY site off turnpike with CE fuel card back then and it worked fine . . . for some reason now says that New Paltz is down. Luckily for me the prior owner of Honda let me borrow his CE fuel card for the Albany and New Paltz tank. Once I got to PA, it was clean sailing to OK with the other cng fuel cards I got ahead of time.

    Best of luck to you . . CNG is definitely the way to go.


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      Re: Albany NY area CNG users?????

      There is a CE station on Chrisler Ave. just off the 890. This is a DOT Residence. There used to be others around like the Hess station on Wolf Road and a Stewart's shop on 9w, but due to lack of interest, NYSEG closed these years ago.
      I don't know if you have seen T. Boone Pickens on TV lately, but he is Clean Energy. He wants a CNG station on every busy corner in the country, but until that happens, we might have limited choices for fueling up.
      Get a FuelMaker.


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        Re: Albany NY area CNG users?????

        Hi all, I'm picking up a CNG Civic in Syracuse tomorrow and driving back to Boston through Albany. I was hoping to fuel up there but just found out I need a special card :-0 !!! Are there any CNG owners/users in the area that would be willing to let me borrow theirs for a one time use in exchange for cash? Would be eternally grateful. Will be coming through Albany Saturday Sept 20th, 2008. Thanks!