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CNG Bus spotted in Flint, Michigan

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  • CNG Bus spotted in Flint, Michigan

    A friend of mine called me and said he was following a Flint, Michigan MTA bus with a CNG decal on the back and tanks on the roof. Thinking he had lost his mind, I did a search on the web and found that on July 1, 2010, a $750,000 grant was issued to convert the Flint Para-Transit fleet from diesel to CNG and to help install the infrastructue to fuel the buses at several locations in the area. I sent an e-mail to the fifth district State representitive thanking him for helping to get the funding for the conversion and to ask if there will be at least one location in the system where public fueling will be available. I hope it will happen as a location in the Flint area would fill a hole in a route I take that leaves me about 15 miles short of reaching the next place where I can fuel. There used to be a CNG station in Flint but it was taken out several years ago when new owners purchased the gasoline station where it was located. I hope Flint is learning from the sucess of Blue Water Transit in Port Huron with their CNG fleet .