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CNG in Springfield, Mo

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  • CNG in Springfield, Mo

    Anyone know if the station in Springfield, Mo. is still open?

    It is not on the cngprices map.


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    Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

    Springfield Mo is not a station this co has a filling pump in back yard. I found the tele # on the eere gov list of stations and called them first when we went to Branson Mo they were very help full with everything.


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      Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

      So you bought cng there? What is their price? What is their form of payment?

      Do you have to call ahead to make arrangements or do they have 24hr. access?

      I am thinking of going to Branson and if I can get cng there I can make it.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

        I was in springfield in aug of o6 now I went in to cng.price and eere and it does not bring up a cng marker in springfield so I guess they don't sell cng anymore I looked for my travel papers to get their tel # but no luck there either. sorry black cat


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          Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

          I got cng in Springfield, MO back in December 2007 no problem - - just have to call ahead to let them know you are coming. Thus, no 24 hour access but they will work with you. Price is fixed dollar amount (I believe it was $15) for whatever they can fill-up your cng vehicle with. Owner is David Bowgen who is VERY knowledgeable about CNG. It's a bit hard to find down a small two-lane road, so go ahead and ask for specific directions when arranging the fill-up time. I would recommend as I learned a lot just talking to David Bowgen.


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            Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

            I did a net search and found a number. I talked to his wife Sue and she said her husband died a few months ago and they are selling out. She said they are keeping the pump station open for now and that you had to call ahead to make arrangements for someone to be there as it is in a locked yard.

            She didn't know what the price of the cng was so she gave me her son and daughters phone number.

            I called and left a message with both of them, but they have not called back.

            I will let you know when I find out something.

            I don't understand why there is no one else in Southwest Missouri that sells CNG.

            Even in St. Louis there is only one station.

            I guess Missouri is not very CNG "tax friendly"

            I am planning a trip from Claremore, Ok. to Branson, Mo. and it is about 200 miles one way. If I can not fill up in Springfield then I can't make the trip.


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              Re: CNG in Springfield, Mo

              David with Bowgens called me back and he has a $15 minimum charge and over that it is $2.00 per gallon.

              He is only there from 3pm to 5pm and you have to call ahead to make arrangements to get cng.

              That is a pretty narrow window if you are traveling and when you can only get about 3 or 4 gallons max. that makes the cost about $4 per gallon.

              If you were filling a big tank the price would not be bad, but on the Honda GX it would be expensive.