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WE Energies Station in N. Milwaukee

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  • WE Energies Station in N. Milwaukee

    The alternative fueling station locater on the EERE web page lists a refueling station at the WE Energies office at I-43 at Silver Spring drive in Milwaukee. According to the listing, they have 24hour public access and accept credit cards. Be advised that this station is located inside the compound (i.e. behind a locked gate) and can only be accessed during their regular business hours! I have been stuck more than once trying the get a fill there only to find that they were closed.

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    Re: WE Energies Station in N. Milwaukee

    what's your experience with refueling in milwaukee? how about travelling along the i-43 corridor? have you tried refueling around the fox cities?

    i'm a summer resident of milwaukee (utah the rest of the year) and am considering bringing my civic gx out this summer. hearing your experiences would help in my decision.

    of course, i'd have to somehow get across nebraska, iowa, and illinois. these states seem to be more interested in biofuels than natural gas.



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      Re: WE Energies Station in N. Milwaukee

      Hi there ...

      I updated CNGPrices to mention that the station was only open during business hours (do you happen to know the business hours and/or the price you paid per gge?) and is locked at other times. I assume that you mean the station on Green Bay Avenue (that is just off of Silver Spring).

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        Re: WE Energies Station in N. Milwaukee

        Business hours vary widely, as I have found is the case with most everything in Wisconsin. Seems a nice spring day is a good excuse to close early for no reason. I would call ahead.

        There is a 24/7 access pump in Saukville close to I43, but their card reader has been down for some time

        I may try the station supposedly by the Airport tomorrow when I get back from a business trip. Wish me luck!

        rhumbliner: I really don't have any experience with anything north of Saukville. Good luck with that! I'm just off highway 57 if you get stuck!