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  • Home fueling costs

    I just joined the forum. I have some questions regarding economics of home fueling. I have been researching NGV and considering trying to obtain a GX. I heard the news about NVG from friends in Utah, where I used to live. I now live in Oregon with ONE public station in the Portland area. So homefueling would be the only option. I saw a thread discussion therm calculations. What I was able to gather is that 1 therm = 1.25 gge. My gas bill shows that a therm costs 1.10. So..would 1 gge cost $1.10. Making the comparison of $1.10 for the equivialant of 1.25 gallons of gas? (plus taxes)? Also, I drive over 100 miles a day and looking through your threads it seem that a phill is not practical and I would need to purchase an outdoor unit. What are some rebuilt/used costs on these? What is the most economically advantageous homefueling option for the long term? It seems Oregon has a $750 credit for AFV, instead of the $3000 in Utah. Sorry for the long post, but I want to know what I may be getting into and if a NGV is viable option in a "green" state like Oregon with only two public stations in the enitre state (makes me miss Utah). Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Home fueling costs

    The GX is like any task specific tool. I'd say that, if it's your only car, you may be better off with a Hybrid for versatility. If you have multiple choices to drive, you can use the GX for the bulk of driving and use gasoline where it makes sence.

    The FM units you refer to are the apparent unit of choice these days. A used unit from EBAy of Craigslist should run about the cost of a new Phill, depending on condition and the economics make more sense over the long run.

    A GGE is the equivelent of 1.25 therms. Multiply your therm price by 1.25 and you'll get your GGE price.

    If the public stations are convenient to your commute, and I mean both stations, you may be all right using public infrastructure. It's not unheard of for a station to be temporarily out of order for a number of reasons and ranges of time. You always need a plan B with cng cars. Put all your eggs in one basket and... well, you get the idea. Home refueling would be a strong suggestion in your case, simply to be secure in your fueling situation. Consider a bi-fuel car as well.


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      Re: Home fueling costs

      Used FM units have been going for $4000-$6000 lately and something like $8000 new. They were selling for about $2000 3 years ago, so if you had bought one then you'd be really happy about it now, right?

      The biggest issue with them for you would be to make sure there is a Fuelmaker tech who services your area. You will need to get the compressor exchanged every couple of years plus it might fail unexpectedly.

      FMQ2-36 or Phill will give your GX a full tank. The other FM units (FM4, FMQ2) will only fill it 80% (to 3000psi). So I'd stick to the FMQ2-36 or Phill in your situation. 100 miles a day would be about 8-10 hours of fueling with Phill, 3 hours with an FM. So, both are workable for you.

      Fuel cost will be therm cost times 1.25. I would suggest budgeting $0.50 per gge for electricity and maintenence of the compressor.
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        Re: Home fueling costs

        I drive my GX over 1000 miles a week, but generally on a very defined route. Ventures into unknown areas are generally done with one of my 2 hybrids. Even if there is fuel somewhere, the station may be down, or you may have to have a special card, etc. Do your homework. Also, it's a good idea to have a couple of credit cards in case one fails for any reason, because there is no human attendant to pay in most places. Cash is worthless in such situations