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Broken gas nozzle

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  • Broken gas nozzle

    I am in somewhat of an emergency situation. The gas station's CNG nozzle will not come off my vehicle. It looks like the bearings are broken on the pump. Is there any way to get this off without doing major damage to both my vehicle and the pump? I don't care too much about the pump to be honest though. It is freezing here so I'm assuming it has something to do with that as well. Any suggestions? Any and all help is appreciated. I'm stuck at the gas station as we speak.

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    There should be a break way on the hose at the dispenser. If it was stuck on my car i would take the hose home on the car. When it thaws out it may come off easier.

    Then return hose


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      Give it some time. The gas has a high moisture content it has frozen in a little time it will thaw and come off.


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        Relying on the breakaway device is probably a last-resort measure. I know someone who did some damage to the fueling recepticle attachment area of her vehicle by driving off with the hose, despite the break-away functioning. CNG filling connections can get very cold due to the pressure drop across the recepticle. This is made worse in the winter, especially if the station is not drying the gas well, as cngmike points out. Have you tried speaking with the station owner?


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          Ouch ... My advice. Make sure the station is in the standby mode with the dispenser nozzle in the off/vent position. Give it a little time and see if the pressure drops enough to remove the nozzle normally. Call the number for emergencies that is usually provided on the station and detail the situation. If you need to go, select (press, flip, turn) to activate the emergency shutdown (instructions usually provided at pump) AND leave your vehicle there and have a friend/family member pick you up. Heck - call Uber to take you home if you can't find a friend/family member to come get you. When others come by to fuel up I'm sure they will call things in as well since they cannot get gas. I would not drive off with the hose unless I felt in danger of either being attacked or of severe weather exposure.

          I've had to leave my vehicle at the station several times, not at the pump yet, due to; station not working and fuel level very low, someone else drove off with the hose and I was low fuel, vehicle having issues. It is not the end of the world but is a pain in the but.