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  • Home refuelling

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a home refueling unit to use in Santa Clarita?

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    Re: Home refuelling

    New- or
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    Dave Clement


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      Re: Home refuelling

      Chris, Santa Clarita is on the southbound Bakersfield gas line I believe. Make sure you send in your "letter of intent to install" to the SaCal Gas Co prior to spending a lot of time and energy on this one.

      The Bakersfield line is pumping "Hot Gas", which makes you inelligible for home refueling, at least for now. It will depend on what line your house is pulling gas from as to whether you can have a Phill (legally). Here's the link to the form you'll need.

      Best of luck. We're working to try and change the archaic CARB ruling that prevents the use of well gas, but for now, we're stuck with it.