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GAIN Clean Fuel CNG Station to Be Built in Iowa

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  • GAIN Clean Fuel CNG Station to Be Built in Iowa

    NGVAmerica Newsletter 11/14/2014

    On Thursday, U.S. Oil and Ruan Transportation Management Systems announced a
    joint agreement to build a GAIN Clean Fuel CNG station in Des Moines, Iowa.
    Ruan, an industry leader in contract carriage and supply chain solutions, operates 260
    locations nationwide and currently has 85 CNG tractors in the Midwest with plans to
    deploy additional NGVs. It serves a wide variety of customers including grocery,
    food processing, retail, dairy, metals and manufacturing companies. Ruan is a
    member of U.S. EPA’s Smartway Transport partnership, which works to increase
    efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in the freight carrier industry. “CNG use in
    the dedicated contract carriage industry is growing, and this not only gives us a
    competitive advantage by offering an additional lower cost fueling choice, it helps us
    meet our sustainability goals,” said Ruan’s CEO Steve Chapman. U.S. Oil facilities
    serve carriers located across the U.S. and has a strategic goal of having more than 100
    CNG stations open within the next two years. In the past three months, U.S. Oil has
    celebrated the grand opening of three GAIN stations in Ohio, Colorado and
    Wisconsin. Each of these stations is also open for use by other companies and the
    general public. For more information, contact Tracy Williams-Prince, Marketing
    Manager U.S. Venture, at 920.257.8533 or [email protected].

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    Joseph Bebon for NGTNews -October 11, 2017 - A 2014 Kenworth T660 compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered class 8 tractor operated by Ruan Transportation Management Systems has reached the milestone of 1 million miles in service.

    Ruan says the vehicle, which is part of a fleet of 40 tractors domiciled at the company’s operation in Fair Oaks, Ind., has experienced no major maintenance issues over its operating life. These vehicles pull 80,000 GVW loads of milk primarily from Fair Oaks to Southern Indiana. . .