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Natural Gas prices (refuleing at home - Arizona)

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  • Natural Gas prices (refuleing at home - Arizona)

    I live in Gilbert Arizona and I am very confused on the price per GGE of natural gas that people pay in the Phoenix metro area. From what I have read on the internet, I understand that a GGE (gallon gas equivalent) is approxamently 125 cubic feet of natural gas.

    I have gone to the SWG web site and it appears that the gas rate is the same for all residential meters for gas compression (I think its the G55 rate) in Arizona.

    I hear prices of $.99 per GGE up to around $1.20 per GGE in the Phoenix metro area. I am paying anywhere from $1.68 up to $1.78 per GGE. Tell me if im wrong but the way I calculate my cost per GGE is I take the therms on the gas bill, multiply by 100 then divide by 125 and this is the GGE, then divide the TOTAL gas bill dollars by the GGE.

    My actual cost is just over $2.00 per GGE when you include the $.28 per GGE for the cost of compessor rebuilds, and $.07 per GGE for electricty to run the compressor. I have a Fuelmaker FMQ2. I need to research the Phill to see what the actual cost is to operate and rebuild that is.


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    Re: Natural Gas prices

    As this is not Honda-specific we will move this over to the Refueling forum, and fix the title a bit to help others who are also seeking this information.

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    Dave have you crunched the cost per GGE numbers on this?
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      Re: Natural Gas prices (refuleing at home - Arizona)

      We went through this on the yahoo group. Phill is much more expensive to run than FMQ2, mostly because of the rebuild cost (FMQ2 the tech comes to you, Phill an installer unmounts it, sends it in, comes back to reinstall). Because of the 'certified installer' business, rebuilding a Phill costs about twice the rebuild of a FMQ2. Phill can run 6000 hours but pumps about 1/3 GGE/hr so 2000 GGE per rebuild. FMQ2 runs 4000 hours and is about 1/ggg/hr. So you get 4000 GGE for a $1200 rebuild with FMQ2 and 2000 GGE for a $2200 rebuild with Phill (over $1/GGE!).

      I think it's more like therm*1.1=gge.

      You're using the whole gas bill, which may have various taxes and fees that are on top of the 'price of gas.' In L.A. there is a special 'NGV-Residential' rate which gives you a lower gas rate for all of your gas usage. You still pay various taxes, but you save money on heating, etc. which probably makes up for it.
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        Re: Natural Gas prices (refuleing at home - Arizona)

        1 therm = 1.25 gge

        Therms X 1.25 = gge used, then divide into $ on gas bill = cost per gallon
        (Gas cost only)

        Am I right, this is how I have always done it.

        I'm like John, my FuelMaker is paid for, I'm not trying to put every penny into the equation.

        In Arizona, everyone gets a 2nd meter automatically, as well they get an automatic 2nd line on their gas bill for
        the gas used for motor vehicle fuel, which is a lower rate than residential. But on top of that they do get a monthly service
        charge for the 2nd meter from the gas company. If they decide to claim the 50 cent rebate, they are all set with seperate
        proof of gas used for their vehicle or just for accounting purposes its always broke out seperate.

        You will get 4000 gge between rebuilds on an FMQ2-36, or an FM2
        You only get 2300 gge between rebuilds on an FM4
        You will get just less than 3000 gge between rebuilds on a Phill
        The rebuild on a Phill is more expensive and takes longer than an FMQ2-36
        Each application needs to be examined for the right unit for the job, the location restrictions and how much fuel is needed.
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