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  • Mercedes Benz Museum --CNG

    Greeting From Stuttrgart

    Went to the MB museum. Great museum, lot of history of the automobile, and some real interesting displays. Well worth the 8 euros ($12 US) and a free neck lanyard.

    The only thing CNG was a trash truck (see pictures). Inspection would be interesting; No labels on the tanks, everything stamped on the type one tank, couldn't find a tank manufacturer's name, labeling is almost non-existant (one CNG diamond on side), but nice truck. They are doing things with fuel cells and hybrids

    There is a "S bahn" (train station) about an 8 minute walk from the museum. A real class museum.

    From Locarno Switzerland
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    Re: Mercedes Benz Museum --CNG

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I wanted to go to that museum a few years ago while I was in Germany with my wife, but an unexpected illness kept us from going



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      Re: Mercedes Benz Museum --CNG

      Any recent news that Mercedes will indeed bring CNG vehicles to market in USA ??

      Saw a beautiful Mercedes C300 and thought it would be perfect vehicle for bi-fuel or dedicated cng vehicle in USA. Every Governor, Senator & Representative could drive one once their state or geographic constituent area had adequate cng infrastructure to drive the area. Add hybrid functions and whall-aaa . . . you have a luxury economy car with very low emissions!!
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