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    We are sure hoping for some policy incentives in Australia to make CNG a common reality...vehicle access at this point needs to be facilitated...made easy by the government...and it would help if we had a national fuel strategy that rated the alternatives and effected changes. Its happening slowly but surely. If there are Australians in here looking for information please visit the rosettamoon site

    The more information business and the public have the sooner we can make it happen here...we are lagging the world but we have the gas and the network

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    Re: CNG in Australia

    I've just re-written to PM Rudd, Ministers Carr and Ferguson to hurry them up to get home refuelling here in Australian. Their initial response was to not know it existed.

    I think they're worried about not getting the taxes.

    Have also contacted the car companies who make CNG or bifuel cars overseas and *none* of them are interested in bringing CNG cars to Australia.


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      Re: CNG in Australia

      Originally posted by moo View Post

      Have also contacted the car companies who make CNG or bifuel cars overseas and *none* of them are interested in bringing CNG cars to Australia.
      I feel your pain... I've been writing to car companies that have been selling CNG vehicles in Europe for years. Absolutely no interest in selling in the US.
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        Re: CNG in Australia

        Good work on the letter writing Moo, it seems many Australians are asking the right questions...the cng car issue access needs to be directed from govt, its ludicrous to think we will re-invent the wheel here - the policy issues re excise are messy (see my rosetta site on excise), the import regulations prohibit free trade (ironic) and the lions share of natural gas is allocated to LNG exports...are we to sacrifice our lot for energy expensive tanker shipments abroad...this is Fergusons biggest challenge, to preserve energy resources for domestic use and now that Garnaut is published (I have not read) look at the embodied energy costs (waste) of shipping cryogenically cooled gas in crude oil tankers to far parts of the sure is a topsy turvy world we live in..the solutions obvious but we have a media and government struggling to ween off crude oil which as Noel Childs and others state will have far reaching consequences for Australia. More letters then


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          Re: CNG in Australia

          [QUOTE= More letters then[/QUOTE]

          Off to see my member of Parliament on Monday. I agree with LNG. We virtually give it away to the Chinese on contracts locked in for years.