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LNG Green Cooridor to connect Vancouver BC with Fort McMurray, Alberta

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  • LNG Green Cooridor to connect Vancouver BC with Fort McMurray, Alberta

    Truckers test LNG as transport fuel
    By Eduard Gismatullin and Jeremy van Loon, Bloomberg News May 22, 2012

    Chad Porter wants to run his 18-wheeler trucks on frozen natural gas across Canada’s Rocky mountains even before the world’s longest chain of refueling stations gets built to keep them fueled.

    The chief operating officer of oil services company Ferus Inc. bought two vehicles to test liquefied natural gas and reckons switching from diesel may cut 22 percent from his fuel bill, or about $1 a gallon. At the moment, Calgary-based Ferus uses mobile tankers to refuel his trucks, which cost about $100,000 more than conventional vehicles, adding expense to a project that’s about saving money. A Royal Dutch Shell Plc project will make it easier to fill up.

    Shell’s plan to spend $250-million on an LNG plant and a string of filling stations is the biggest single investment yet in making frozen gas a transport fuel...Shell agreed to work with filling-station owners Flying J Inc. to offer LNG to trucks along the highway, from Fort McMurray in Alberta, the heart of Canada’s oil industry, to Vancouver on the Pacific coast, more than 900 miles (1,600 kilometers) to the southwest...

    ‘See Opportunities’

    “We see opportunities for a concept like this one in other areas of the world as well,” said Jose-Alberto Lima, Shell’s vice president for LNG and gas sales in Americas. He said Shell, based in The Hague in the Netherlands, doesn’t expect a rebound in gas prices anytime soon...Gas overtook crude oil to account for more than 50 percent of the company’s production for the first time this year...

    Green Corridor

    The Anglo-Dutch company’s Green Corridor project in Canada will make 300,000 tons of LNG a year. It plans to start production at its first small-scale gas liquefaction plant at Jumping Pound near the route’s halfway point next year...

    Canada has more than 100 LNG powered trucks almost equally split between western and eastern parts of the country operated by Vedder Transport, a milk hauler in British Columbia, and Robert Transport, which operates in Quebec and is expanding the fleet.

    About 30 percent of U.S. “classic trucks” can be converted to run on LNG, which needs highly utilized vehicles running lots of miles to pay back for the additional engine costs by fueling it with cheaper LNG, said James Burns, Shell’s general manager for LNG in Transport, Americas.

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    Re: LNG Green Cooridor to connect Vancouver BC with Fort McMurray, Alberta

    I wonder if they will also have CNG?


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      Betsy Lillian for NGTNews March 11, 2019 - Alberta Government Funds Alt-Fuel Transit Projects

      A total of 17 municipal transit systems will share funding from the new Alberta Community Transit Fund, which was launched in August 2018 and provides C$215 million over four years – C$141.4 million of which is through the Climate Leadership Plan.

      Newly selected projects include the purchase of 15 new light rail vehicles and 52 CNG buses in Calgary, as well as a dedicated bus lane and 28 new electric buses in Edmonton. The County of Red Deer will also purchase up to two CNG buses.


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        Betsy Lillian for NGTNews March 15, 2019 - Calgary Opens Huge CNG Bus Fueling, Maintenance Complex

        The new Stoney Transit Facility in Calgary is capable of housing more than 470 40-foot buses, 36 maintenance bays and CNG fueling.