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Fuelmaker BANKRUPT / Liquidating !!

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  • Fuelmaker BANKRUPT / Liquidating !!

    There are a couple threads going on with the awful news that Honda abruptly forced bankruptcy and liquidation on Fuelmaker on 4/2/09.
    See the threads thus far at:

    CNG Main Forum

    In The News
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    Re: Fuelmaker BANKRUPT / Liquidating !!

    I wouldn't write FM off just yet, I'm sure there are probably negotiations going on right now. There are FM equipment installed all over the place in operation that will need maintenance, The Phill unit was just certified in China, now that should be expected to be a huge order and income stream!
    We'll just wait and see what happens by the end of the week before we think its done.
    Dave Clement


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      Re: Fuelmaker BANKRUPT / Liquidating !!

      So why post it again in "local & cng station chat/canada"???
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        Re: Fuelmaker BANKRUPT / Liquidating !!

        Hope you're right CNG Az (Dave Clement), that Fuelmaker will remain a part of USA cng industry - - - especially for your sake as a Fuelmaker dealer/rep, and all the good you've done for cng industry in Arizona.

        Thanks again for your efforts (along with Murphy in Phoenix) over the years to promote the absolute BEST bridge-fuel for autos (cng). In my opinion, CNG is perfect fuel for next 10 to 20 years until true electric cars become reality and perfected.


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