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Stu Man's letter to the BC Open Platform

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  • Stu Man's letter to the BC Open Platform

    The following is my input to the British Columbia's Provincial Government Open Platform WEB Site, located at ->

    Perhaps if other British Columbia NGV enthusiasts added comments to the open Forum WEB Site, we could pollute less, and put British Columbians and their leading edge CNG Technology to work.


    One real effective way to "reduce our carbon footprint" is to use a cleaner transportation fuel. I think British Columbians should be re-introduced to cleaner burning Natural Gas for our vehicles.

    Please see the Global TV News story at This Global TV News video is at the bottom of this WEB Page.

    Rest assured that I am neither an Employee of IMW, nor a stock holder. However, I am a user of Natural Gas as a vehicle fuel. Way back in 1991, BC Gas was supplying people with grants to convert or adapt their vehicle to run on Natural Gas. Since about 2006, practically all Provincial or Federal interest in promoting Natural Gas as a Transportation fuel has ceased.

    It is truly unfortunate that with all the Natural Gas reserves this beautiful Province has, the Provincial Government isn't doing more to promote this Cleaner Burning transportation fuel. If British Columbia, like California, started offering monetary grants to entice Citizens to convert their vehicle(s) to operate on cleaner burning Natural Gas, we would not only be putting less pollution into the environment, we would be providing opportunity for British Columbian Companies and their Employees. British Columbian Companies like :

    IMV Industries Ltd (Chilliwack)
    Terasan Gas
    Cummins Westport inc. (Vancouver, Kamloops, and Sparwood)
    Clean Energy, formally E-fuels of BC Gas
    ECO Fuel Systems (Langley)
    MOGAS Fuel Systems (Delta)
    Powertech Labs (Surrey)
    Technocarb Equipment (Abbotsford)
    Westport Innovations (Vancouver)

    Thank you for letting me air my ideas via this forum. This Forum is a good idea.

    Please remember to watch the Global TV News video on Natural Gas Vehicles at the bottom of

    Stu Man
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