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Revised B.C. Provincial Tax Concessions for CNG

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  • Revised B.C. Provincial Tax Concessions for CNG

    I found this link that outlines revised British Columbia Sales Tax Concessions for New CNG vehicles, and vehicles converted to operate on CNG.

    These concessions were revised back in February 2008, but I just found this information on the Internet, now (November 5, 2008).

    The magic date is February 16, 2005. Alternative fuel vehicles eligable for the Point of Sale tax reduction, that were purchased or leased before Februay 16 2005 remain eligible for the tax refund.

    For complete information on this this revised British Columbia Tax Concessions, please visit :

    The Ministry of Small Business and Revenue collects unpaid bills, fines and assessments on behalf of various BC Provincial Government Ministries and Branches.