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Zak Spencer thinks CNG vehicles might...

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  • Zak Spencer thinks CNG vehicles might...

    On October 20, 2008 Zak Spencer of and was interviewed on the Bill Good AM980 radio show here in Vancouver, B.C.

    Zak Spencer was speaking about the recent potential merger between U.S. Auto giants, General Motors and Chrysler.

    The interview also covered the NHTSA and EPA’s requirement that by 2020, all 2020 manufactured models meet the mandated 35 mpg rating, averaged across all vehicle model lines. (CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy)

    Zak Spencer mentioned that one possible way U.S. Auto manufacturers may meet this 35 MPG requirement is to re-introduce models that operate on CNG.

    To listen to the radio interview, yourself :

    1. visit
    2. Select “Mon Oct. 20” for the Date.
    3. Select “11AM” for the time.
    4. Click the “Go” button.
    5. Once your Audio software launches, slide the time bar to 11:35 to go directly to the interview.

    The transcript of this specific CNG discussion:

    Bill Good : “Gord, good morning.”

    Caller : “Hello, is that me ? I bought an F-150, a couple of years ago, because I needed one for work. And it was unavailable from Ford to either run on Natural Gas or propane, so I converted it myself, and it is a great system. I can run on Propane or Gasoline, at the push of a button. And when I’m on Propane, it is practically zero emissions, and my fuel costs are basically half of Gasoline.”

    Zak Spencer :”I think you’re going to see this push back to these alternative fuels. Because Ford, actually, as you mentioned the F-150, had one of the biggest fleets, about 10 years ago, of straight from the factory, Natural Gas vehicles. And I think, with pressure on the manufacturers, they are going to start to offer them again. For them to do it, they’ve already done it, they can go back to offering those vehicles again. So, I think you’re going to start to see new cleaner diesels, you’re going to see Natural Gas vehicles, and you’re also going to see smaller gasoline engines available in full size things like pick-up trucks with turbo chargers added on to them. That is what Ford is calling Eco-Boost…….”

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    Re: Zak Spencer thinks CNG vehicles might...

    Right on ,
    Slowly these people who could get natural gas back in focus are doing it. Gasoline may be down in price temporarily but N.G is a superior fuel.