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Emterra and Gain open new refueling station in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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  • Emterra and Gain open new refueling station in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    1611 Britannia Rd Mississauga, just off the 401 highway. It's mainly for a new fleet of garbage trucks for Peel Region but long haul trucks can use it too. I stopped there last Friday and they are not officially open but there is a problem. All their fuel nozzles are for 3600 psi systems. I have a 3000 psi system with the smaller P30 fill port. Spoke with an Emterra General manager he said Gain was going to install a public pump. I'm waiting for a call back.

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    No reply yet. Spoke with gain rep for Canada. I sent him a picture of a P30 nozzle and truck adapter. He's supposed to get back to me. Does anyone fill up at other Gain stations in the US and do the have the smaller P30 fill nozzles?


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      Spoke with the local Gas Utility Company (Enbridge gas) about this and they have done market research that shows there is no value added in having a public P30 access at this facility. There is just too few CNG vehicles to make it worth while. I did speak with the Emterra manager at the site and he thinks I could get an account with Gain. Step 2, I then called my installer and asked about upgrading to a P36 system. Some great news came back. With minimal changes I could upgrade and still be able to use my VRA (P30 nozzle) and keep most of my equipment. The tank would be swapped out from my current 12" X 40", 70 liter WC to a 14" X 60 ", 120 liter WC. The fuel lock off might need to change. The filling receptical changed to a P36 / P30 dual adaptor.

      So with this I get the best of both worlds. I can still fill up at home at 3000 psi and access Gain station(s) for a 3600 psi blast. Also get longer range. My current tank holds a gge of approx 19 liters @ 3000 psi. The new tank approx 40 liter @ 3600 psi.

      I will be visiting the installer in the New Year to sort out the details.


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        Thanks for the update, beaker.
        In addition to the higher pressure rating on the tanks, ensure the installer also checks the fuel pressure regulator to make sure it is rated for 3600 psi (250 bar) working pressure / 4500 psi (312 bar) maximum pressure.


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          John Mitton, Yes they said they would check the whole system. They thought the reg might be ok. It's an ITT. Just checked. All ITT Conoflow regulators are rated up to 3600 psi.
          Last edited by beaker; 12-27-2015, 09:11 PM. Reason: Checked Regulator ratings.


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            Enterra site does have public access but card lock, not sure what it takes to get that. They have private site in back too for the peel garbage trucks, personally I think it's a good idea for company's like this to put in public access, less financial risk vs regular cng station and giving people the option to investing in cng vehicle. Chicken and egg situation


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              Update: Well after much emailing and phone calling I finally have a Gain card. Thanks to the Canadian Gain rep Marc-Andre.

              Now for the system upgrade. I sourced a Type 4 tank(21 X 60) with a 2029 expiry date that was removed from a Ford F350 conversion that went back to gasoline. It came with the mounting brackets and hardware as well as a Omnitek 175 filter bowl on the tank valve. Tank is in excellent condition. Filter was not. The bottom of the filter element was sitting in the bowl. No supplier in Canada. Had to order off E-Bay thru Omnitek. I also bought a AFC 3600 psi lock off valve from my kit supplier along with the Swagelok fittings and electrical pig tail connector. Also picked up a P36 fill receptical.

              Next will be to install the lockoff, fill receptical, tank and other bits by my installer.

              Funny story. I went to the station to see if my card would work. It didn't. I wasn't surprised after all the issues with just getting a card. So a few more phone calls to my rep and to Gain customer service finally got everything authorized and working(while sitting at the station).


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                Hi can you tell me what the price of their fuel is.


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                  Originally posted by Wike R View Post
                  Hi can you tell me what the price of their fuel is.
                  I haven't been to that location in a long time as I retired and don't work near there anymore. I checked and it shows 1.25 gge. Not sure if that's American or Canadian dollars. I'm sure it's still open as it's part of a municipal garbage/waste truck depot. It also shows on website.