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Cummins Unveils Alternative Fuel Engine for Medium-Duty Trucks

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  • Cummins Unveils Alternative Fuel Engine for Medium-Duty Trucks

    on 14 Jul 2014 by NGTNews
    Cummins Inc. has developed a new engine known as the ETHOS: a 2.8-liter power plant for medium-duty truck applications that was designed specifically to use E-85 ethanol (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline). The engine and Allison 2000 Series transmission were integrated into an MT45 Class 5 step van from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. and pilot-tested for [read more]

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    Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Freightliner Custom Chassis and Green Alternative Systems (GAS) have joined together to provide an original equipment manufacturer CNG fueling system on the Freightliner CNG MT-45/55 chassis.

    According to Clean Energy, the chassis is used in the linen and uniform, parcel and home delivery, vending and food service, baking and snack delivery, and school bus industries.

    Per the partnership, GAS will provide the new CNG fueling system for the chassis, which is powered by a 6.0 L V8 engine with three available fuel capacities: 35GGE, 42GGE or 52GGE. Clean Energy will provide fleets using the chassis with fueling agreements and access to its nationwide network of fueling stations.


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      It bears repeating that the above article says CNG is available at CLEAN ENERGY stations at 37 major airports. The count is actually 44 including all public CNG stations on or very near to the major airports:


      For the record, Nashville TN (BNA) also ended public access to its airport station and now directs public fill customers to an alternate site a mile away. Sacramento eliminated public access to its airport CNG station in 2016, but still uses its station for its CNG shuttle bus fleet for parking drop off.


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        Agility Fuel Solutions will offer a new, compressed natural gas-powered, step van with a Morgan Olson body. The new van s chassis is manufactured by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. and is powered by Agility s purpose-built CNG powertrain system. It is certified to meet all U.S. EPA requirements. The van also features Agility s fuel management module and storage system for clean, end-to-end vehicle integration, the company said in a press release.

        The new van features an Agility 366NG CNG natural gas engine under its hood. The engine is EPA certified and has CARB HD-OBD certification pending. Agility noted that its fuel system is fully integrated into the FCCC chassis design and engineered to OEM standards, including use of the Freightliner OEM fuel gauge. All fuel fill, filtration, pressure control and defuel functions are integrated into a single module for ease of use and serviceability.

        We are very excited to work with Morgan Olson to bring these walk-in vans to market, said Brad Garner, president of powertrain systems for Agility. OEM-grade installation and integrated logistics will ensure seamless delivery of quality CNG vehicles to the customer. Also, as a leading CNG systems supplier for over 20 years, Agility can provide walk-in van customers with simple, one-stop alt fuels parts, service and training throughout North America.


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          Greenfleetmagazine July 23 2018 - Volvo VNL 300 Available with Cummins Westport ISX12N Natural Gas Engine

          With available engine ratings of 350 hp with 1,450 lb-ft torque and up to 400 hp with 1,450 lb-ft torque, the ISX12N engine is approved for GCW ratings of up to 80,000 pounds. The engine well suited for heavy-duty regional-haul truck and tractor applications, port drayage, vocational, refuse, and conventional straight truck applications said John Moore, Volvo Trucks North America product marketing manager – powertrain.

          The natural gas engine can be fueled by compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, or renewable natural gas. The ISX12N is OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) compliant and U.S. EPA and CARB certified.



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            NEWPORT BEACH, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) Oct 29, 2019 - Over 100 Clean Trucks Powered by Renewable Fuel Now Operate at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. 14,000 trucks call at these ports each month.

            Visionary port trucking companies are leading the transformation from diesel to clean trucks that are equipped with the ultralow-NOx Cummins Westport (CWI) ISX12N engine and fueled with Clean Energy Fuel's Redeemâ„¢ renewable natural gas (RNG), the cleanest fuel available for heavy-duty trucks.

            These leading companies include Overseas Freight, Total Transportation Services, Pacific 9 Transportation, 4 Gen Logistics, Orange Avenue Express, NFI industries, Green Fleet Systems, MDB Transportation, Green Trucking LLC, West Coast Trucking, and Tradelink Transportation.

            The trucks are outfitted with the Cummins CWI ISX12N natural gas engine which is certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) to reduce smog-forming NOx emissions by 90 percent compared to the current engine standard.

            Clean Energy and CWI recently concluded a demonstration of 20 Class 8 trucks outfitted with the Cummins ISX12N engine and fueled with Redeem RNG. The project was funded by Clean Energy, CARB, the California Energy Commission (CEC), South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The 20 demonstration trucks have traveled over 800,000 miles, moving goods throughout the southern California region from the ports to Commerce, Fontana, Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Diego, the Central Valley and other typical port container destinations.

            Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the global market leader in press release distribution.



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              Matthew Mercure for NGT News March 4, 2021 - Clean Energy, Total Form Joint Venture to Expand RNG Production

              Clean Energy and Total will be providing $400M of capital to invest in RNG projects. Carbon-negative RNG is produced when carbon emissions are captured from dairies and turned into a transportation fuel. Clean Energy says it is the largest provider of RNG as a transportation fuel in the U.S. – and the largest RNG fuel provider under the California LCFS program.

              The companies have already partnered to expand the use of RNG in the heavy-duty truck market with the Zero Now program, which allows fleets to purchase RNG trucks for the same price as diesel trucks. The demand for carbon-negative RNG has rapidly accelerated through the Zero Now program with trucking companies such as Kenan Advantage, KeHE Distributors, Estes Express Lines and Tradelink Transport. The largest bus fleet in the U.S., LA Metro, has converted their entire fleet to RNG.




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                NGVJournal 2 June 2021 - North America’s largest privately-owned freight carrier grows NGV fleet

                Hexagon Agility announced that Estes Express Lines, has ordered an additional 50 CNG trucks with Hexagon Agility’s 175 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) ProCab® CNG fuel systems.

                Estes’ new trucks will be equipped with Cummins-Westport’s near-zero emissions natural gas engines and Hexagon Agility’s integrated Blue iQ®. These 50 vehicles, which will be delivered in spring of 2021, will be used in Estes’ California fleet, and are in addition to the company’s existing 21 CNG trucks operating throughout Texas. Moreover, Estes signed a fuel supply agreement to fuel its CNG trucks with renewable natural gas.



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                  Michael Batesfor NGTNews March 8, 2021 - Cummins Westport Introduces New Powertrain for Natural Gas Applications

                  Cummins Westport says the ISX12N+Endurant HD N powertrain is now available for heavy-duty customers, delivering a fully integrated natural gas powertrain.

                  The combination of the ISX12N near-zero natural gas engine and the Endurant HD N 12-speed automated transmission from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies is well suited for heavy-duty regional haul fleets.

                  The ISX12N natural gas engine is available with a rating of 400 horsepower and 1,450 lb-ft torque




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                    BioenergyInsight 18 Aug 2021 - Logistics firm adds RNG trucks to fleet via Adopt-A-Port initiative

                    RoadEX, a major California drayage company, is adding 16 new natural gas trucks to its fleet through Chevron and Clean Energy Fuels’ Adopt-A-Port program. In switching from diesel fuel to RNG, RoadEX has committed to approximately 960,000 gallons of RNG over the contract term.

                    In May, Chevron invested an additional $20 million in Clean Energy’s Adopt-A-Port initiative and has now invested a total of $28 million in the scheme. The initiative provides truck operators – large fleets and owner-operators – serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, with cleaner, carbon-negative RNG to reduce emissions.

                    In addition to RoadEX, companies that added natural gas trucks through Adopt-A-Port in Q2 2021 include Total Distribution Service, Supra National Express, JL Xpress, Pac9 Transportation, Atlas Marine, Kargo Transportation, Henean Trucking, France C. Alegre Trucking, and NGL Logistics, for an anticipated total of 1.3 million gallons of RNG.



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                      Matthew Mercure for NGTNews 27 April 2021 - Initiative to Develop Autonomous Natural Gas-Powered Trucks

                      Plus, a company that specializes in self-driving truck technology, has unveiled a new initiative with Cummins to develop the industry’s first driver-in, supervised autonomous trucks powered by natural gas. This combination will bring natural gas supervised autonomous trucks to market in 2022.

                      Plus will begin mass production of its PlusDrive system this summer, with plans to deploy the supervised autonomous trucking system globally across the U.S., China, Europe and other parts of Asia. The PlusDrive solution is being piloted by some of the largest truck fleets in the world.