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  • Ebay issue

    Saw an interesting vehicle on Ebay, but I wonder whether this is a major problem.

    Regarding fuel range, the guys says:

    If you want additional capacity the guy that did all our work has three additional tanks that I can have mounted across the back of the van. He has done it for me twice before and it has worked nicely. If you want me to have this done it will be in addition to the final auction price. The three tanks are all 6 gallon tanks each taking your total GGE's to 32. The down side to doing this is you will loose your back seat (4 person bench) because that is where he will mount the three tanks. The tanks all expired in 2009 or 2008 so he sells them for $150 a piece and he will install them for $250.

    Isn't it crazy enough to install expired tanks? Or am I missing something? Should we inform Ebay? The fastest way to kill this industry is to have a few vehicles blow up...

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    Re: Ebay issue

    It sold for $5700 on the 24th. I did a quick check on and priced a similar van in gasoline trim and it came to $10,900. He bought it 2 years ago and only put 8,000 miles in that time.

    There is a strong black market for used or expired cylinders. I have had phone calls twice in the last couple of weeks asking where they can buy expired cylinders (!), and recently, how they can get their cylinders recertified (they just had them installed and the vendor told them they were recertifiable).