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CNG is NOT for LPG Systems – Safety Bulletin

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  • CNG is NOT for LPG Systems – Safety Bulletin

    This is a question we heard a lot during the oil spike of '08. Mostly due to confusion over the difference in the fuels. Glad someone finally issued a Safety Bulletin besides us.
    Courtesy NGV Global

    CNG is NOT for LPG Systems – Safety Bulletin March 12, 2010 – 6:39 pm Death Trap - an illegal CNG to LPG adapter Recent incidents in Sweden have prompted the IANGV to issue a reminder to motorists that compressed natural gas (CNG) is not suitable for cars fitted with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas or propane) systems. As LPG systems are not designed to cope with the pressure of CNG systems, components and cylinders have been known to burst with drastic consequences. Despite strict standards being enforced worldwide for CNG dispensing systems, motorists have circumvented the system using dangerous, illegally manufactured adaptors. Motivated to save a few dollars on fuel, many motorists have paid a higher price through injury and even death. Read More »
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