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CNGchat success story (safety)

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  • CNGchat success story (safety)

    Hi gang,

    'Two weeks ago a post showed up on the 'Non-conforming' thread in our Safety Forum:

    Re: Non-NFPA 52 conforming pictures


    No bagging that can be seen, label is partially obscured. But who really wants a tank sitting right there anyway ..

    It referenced an ad on Ebay for a Ford van with a extra cylinder mounted between the front seats! It generated several comments and concerns.

    'afvman', one of our Moderators, contacted the owner and had several constructive discussions that led to the questionable cylinder being removed.

    The owner expressed his appreciation for the information we were able to share and has since offered additional cylinders for sale that we were also able to help find homes for.

    Thanks to all involved for a successful resolution to at least one of the 'Non-conforming' installations discussed on the forum boards.

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    Re: CNGchat success story (safety)

    Thats great! Way to go Bill!

    Thanks for the follow-up John. Look all are comments, and bits of harassement have done some good.



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      Re: CNGchat success story (safety)

      Here's an update (success story) on the following link:

      I didn't expect to hear from this guy after telling him all the things wrong with his DIY installation. He called me about 2 weeks ago and asked questions about how to properly mount his brackets to his car. And I just finished inspecting all the things he did to fix the "bad" installation. It was very well done. He put bagging around his high pressure fittings, he adjusted his brackets to properly fit around his tanks, and he removed the straps and properly bolted his brackets to his trunk.
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        Re: CNGchat success story (safety)

        Thats 2, the web site is on a roll?

        Should have taken some pictures to see the before and after