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Cracked CNG tank for sale on eBay

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  • Cracked CNG tank for sale on eBay

    Saw this post on ebay.

    Item # 400045582896
    CNG fuel tank type 2 (exp. 2014)

    I have a CNG fuel tank. I am not real familiar with these so I really dont know if it is any good.
    It says it exp. 2014 so I figure it should still be good.
    It has a 4 inch crack as you can see from the picture.
    This will be local pick-up only. I may consider delivering a short distance for a fee. I have included all the pertinent pictures. Any questions or more pictures just ask.
    2004 Toyota Avalon bi-fuel
    2013 Tesla Model S 85

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    Re: Cracked CNG tank for sale on eBay

    Yeah, but the bidding starts at only $20! That's the cheapest price I've seen on a tank so far.

    I really hope no one bids on that.


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      Re: Cracked CNG tank for sale on eBay

      I just wrote the guy an email asking him to please end the auction and dispose of the tank properly.


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        Re: Cracked CNG tank for sale on eBay

        The tank is the original color it is a type 2 steel cylinder, steel cylinder made by NGV cylinder corp.

        The line between the overwarp is a slight separation that is normal for this type of cylinder manufactured by NGV Cylinder Corp. usually considered level 1 damage. The bigger concern would be any rust between the junction of the steel liner and the overwrap. A secondary concern would be any rust on the exposed liner (from what is shown in the picture). Neutralize and paint the rust (if it does not exceed 25% of the whole cylinder surface or is less than 0.030 of an inch) with the appropriate paint, and it should be good to go (if nothing else is wrong,

        The biggest concern again is how much rust is under the edge of the overwrap, and as mentioned earlier that is covered in CGA C6.4, current edition (it new in the '07 edition).

        If I needed a tank I would buy it for $20.

        What we need to do is to inspect a cylinder before it is put up for sale and then the buyer would have a good ideat that it is safe. Remember. the cylinder needs to be inspected before it is installed in a different vehicle -- AND the inspection is good for 3 years (NGV-2) or 3 yrs or 36,000 miles (FMVSS 304).

        WHERE is cylinder inspector when you need one???

        Larrycng (U0003A until I get my new number)