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  • Installation Certification

    Let's say I purchase an approved conversion kit for bi-fuel and do the install. Will I need the tank installation inspected/certified? I'm planning to be ASE F1 certified but I'm a little confused on this tank certification process.
    I'm also in the market for used study material in the ASE F1 preparation and possibly the tank certification process. I am a current ASE Master Tech and have registered for the upcoming ASE F1.


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    Re: Installation Certification

    Good luck buying a approved kit, usually you need to be trained by the company and as far as I know none of them are adding installers? Jim
    Jim Younkin


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      Re: Installation Certification

      Thanks for the come back Jim. The more I look into this process the stranger things become. From the EPA regulations and cost to bring these to market and the availability of approved product is pretty crazy.
      I think I'll still go through the certification process to learn more about these alternate system.



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        Re: Installation Certification

        Jim & Mikenelson,

        You're right, while there is no 'certification' for installations, most mfgs. want you to have their training. But, the ASE F-1 is a great start and if you're already a Master Tech, it should be a breeze. Study NFPA-52 and you should be in good shape.

        And, yes, the cylinders should be inspected. There is a formal certification now for CNG cylinder inspectors, but if you're only looking at one or two it probably would not be worth it.


        Let me know if there's anything else we can do to help.