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Has anyone ever used a skycng kit ? are they anygood

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  • Has anyone ever used a skycng kit ? are they anygood

    I am thinking of using one on a 2010 ford f150

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    web site says no tank included:

    Have seen proven installs of the Altech-Eco in Fords. Ford has engines suited for this conversion having hardened valves and valve seats and other components to withstand the higher operating temperatures and lower lubricity of CNG. And the engines have been through the rigorous EPA qualification process:


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      At one point it seems like they were using the LPGtech kit from Poland. I installed one of those I bought overseas on a 2010 BMW 328i and it worked fantastic. This BMW has a valve tronic engine that uses valve timing rather than a throttle to control idle and I was skeptical the kit could accommodate this but it did so beautifully.

      So I can't speak specifically to whatever kit skyCNG is using today but if they are using the LPG tech kit I would say thumbs up.