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  • Utah tax credit

    I have 1996 Crown Vic that has never had the Utah tax credit used. Question, can I get both the OEM credit and the some of the conversion credit because extended range tanks we added? Not sure if the tanks were original, probably aftermarket.



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    Re: Utah tax credit

    You would be eligible for the OEM vehicle tax credit so long as the vehicle had not already taken it in Utah. As per the sticky thread at the top of this Incentives forum, you must document the incremental cost and then claim one half of this with a maximum credit of $3,000. Again, back to the sticky thread, in 2001 the Crown Vic's incremental cost in 2001 was $2,830, tax credit = $1,415. I should imagine back in 1996 the CNG incremental cost was less than this 2001 number.

    Adding additional tanks is not an alternative fuel conversion so you would not be able to claim the 1/2 incremental cost capped at $2,500 option.

    Again, always check with your tax adviser!