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    I heard that in '09, my Honda Civic GX will still qualify for the carpool lane and free metered parking. When I bought my car earlier this year, I didn't buy the C plate because I wouldn't have been able to use it for all of '08. I would like to get the C sticker for '09. How do I get it? What will it cost next year? I heard it won't cost $82 anymore because we'll pay the road tax at the pump.

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    Re: C Plate

    call dmv. When I registered my bi-fuel, they didn't even offer. I don't know if they even knew, but the HOV lane isn't an issue for me. Also, I understand they are picking up all the C plates on bi-fuels that got them when they reregister again.


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      Re: C Plate

      That's right, the bi-fuels technically never qualified for the clean air plates and will lose them next year, UT HB 63 (I think) changes that.

      The extra fee was for the road tax that we don't have to pay at the pump. However, because many people choose not to get the plate, (mostly the fault of the DMV not requiring the plate on a dedicated vehicle like they should have) we will start paying it at the pump now. My understanding is that you'll have to go stand in line at the DMV again and get new plates in Jan if you want them. This would only be worth the effort if you want the benefits.

      For me, and I'd imagine it'd be the same for most people, paying the tax at the pump is a better deal. You'd have to purchase more than 1000 GGE's to have the flat fee be more economical. I'm putting a lot of miles on my GX but not 35,000 a year. It will also be better for the state since everyone will be paying it now.